List of Independence Days
  Independence Day Quotes
  Independence Day in May
  Norway-May 17
  Ecuador-May 24
  South Africa-May 31
  Independence Day in June
  Philippines-June 12
  Russia-June 12
  Independence Day in July
  Canada-July 1
  USA-July 4,


-July 05
  Argentina-July 9


-July 14
  Columbia-July 20
  Peru-July 28
  Independence Day in August
  Jamaica -August 06


-August 09


-August 14


-August 15
  North Korea-August 15
  South Korea-August 15


-August 17


-August 19
  Ukraine-August 24


-August 31
  Independence Day in September
  Brazil-Sept. 7
  Macedonia-Sept. 8
  Costa Rica -Sept. 15


-Sept. 16
  Saudi Arabia-Sept. 23
  New Zealand-Sept. 26
  Independence Day in October


-October 1


-October 1


-October 03
  Belgium-October 4
  Independence Day in December


-December 12
  Independence Day in January
  Cameroon-January 01
  Australia-January 26
  Independence Day in February
  Sri Lanka-February 04


-February 28
  Iran-February 10
  Independence Day in March
  Ghana-March 06
  Independence Day in April
  Zimbabwe-April 18



Independence Day Celebration

(Independence Day Celebration of Norway on May 17, 2015)

Independence Day of Zimbabwe
We may call ourselves global citizens today; however we are still inadequately informed about other countries. While travel or books may bring about acquired knowledge about customs, traditions or culinary preferences, we rarely get to know the story behind a country’s independence movement apart from a few glimpses in its architecture.

This basic aspect is a key influencer to a country’s culture and is reflected highly in its people and its day-to-day life. It is indeed exciting to know about a country’s glorious moments, its independence struggle and its war heroes who fought and earned this for their people.

123independenceday is an attempt to unravel the stories set in the past, which will bring you closer to the independence movement of many great countries across the globe. While this may be a reading adventure it would also open a whole new world for you. 123independence day also provides information about demographics, places to visit, economy, art& culture and much more.

The most integral part of this unique podium is to make its readers well aware about many aspects of a country’s independence regalia that include its national heroes, national anthem, national flag and national symbols.

So hop on an exciting new journey, that will not only enrich you with knowledge on one hand but will also make you squeal with elation at the same time.

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