Independence Day of Afghanistan

Often described as a landlocked country, Afghanistan is situated in midst of Central and Southern Asia. This historic land of Afghans has been the melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures. Being a war-torn country, the independence day of Afghanistan has lost much of its sheer and elegance in the due course of time. Afghanistan has long being inflicted with terrorist attacks, insurgency and even prone to natural calamities which has terribly affected the social and cultural growth of the country.

Celebration of Independence Day in Afghanistan takes place on 19 th August. Since the ancient times, the land has been invaded by numerous rulers including Alexander the great, Mongol rulers and Turkish Empire. However, Ahmad Shah Durrani in the eighteenth century annexed many of the neighboring territories and made Kandahar its capital. After the end of the third Anglo-Afghan war, Afghanistan achieved full independence from the reigns of British Empire on August 19 1919.

The significance of Independence Day in Afghanistan lies in the fact that the day embodies the rich historical and cultural aspect of the country. The Afghan people have been widely known for their love of poetry and classic art and painting well displayed through many of its monumental landmarks and heritage sites. During the two decades of Civil War and extremist terrorism the wide infrastructure of the country has suffered a lot, hence the present government is trying to develop that areas system which is definitely going to bring a rapid phase of development in the country.


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