Art and Culture of Afghanistan

The unique art and culture of Afghanistan has been a major forte of the country in establishing itself as one of the culturally enhanced country of the world. No doubt the ongoing war has to a great extend affected the steady economic growth of the country, yet its vibrant historical heritage still continues to draw appreciation and attraction from all quarters of the society. Since the ancient times, the country has been under the rule of various kings from the Persian kings to Maurya's who well dominated the land for a considerable period of time.

A Brief Historical Background of Art and Culture of Afghanistan

Many historians believe that Afghanistan was primarily known as 'Aryana' by both the Hindus and Afghans. Later the land was popularly named as 'Gandahara' and during this phase huge statues of 'Buddha' was constructed in central part of Afghanistan with the spread of Buddhism in the country. Further more, the introduction of Sufism in the art and culture scenario of Afghanistan revolutionized the literature of the country. It's important to note that different regions of the country have their own distinct identity coupled together with their own multi-lingual ethnicity which is unique of their own.

Heritage and Architecture of Afghanistan

The eventful historical invasions of the earlier era in Afghanistan have left behind some unprecedented marks in the form of great architectural landmarks. These marvelous edifices are adorned with carved paintings and sculptures which creates a wonderful splendor worth watching. Some of its landscape architecture has been widely recognized world wide and have been given the status of U.N.E.S.C.O heritage site. The most prominent ones being 'the Minaret of Jam' and 'the Valley of Bamiyan', others include the famous heritage spots situated in the cities of Ghazni, Herat and Mazari Sharif. The rich heritage of Afghanistan has been under the influence of Greeks, Mongolian, Chinese, Indian, Russian and even British which has well modified the cultural aspect of the country in every form. During the reign of Alexander the great, the northwestern city of Heart became a center for Persian art and learning. To the dismay of many, the rich heritage sites of Afghanistan have been destroyed as a result of ongoing political instability and military war.

Literature and Entertainment Activities in Afghanistan

The rich literature of Persian language has been well scripted in many of the popular Afghan literary works. The most popular forms of verse in Afghanistan are Ghazal and Charbeiti and are still famous too. Unlike other nations, there's little or no scope for vibrant entertainment activities thus the only source of amusement in the country is the traditional folklore accompanied by music of conventional tools. Classical music in the form of 'klasik' and 'tarana' are widely appreciated in different corners of the society. A visit to Afghanistan remains incomplete without mentioning its delicious mouth-watering Afghan cuisine.


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