National Heroes of Afghanistan

The national heroes of Afghanistan have left behind indelible marks of their own which has helped the country to achieve social and cultural growth. Though Afghanistan has long been a war-inflicted country, yet there saw an increase in Afghan national heroes coming from different quarters of Afghan society.

Here's sharing with you information on national heroes of Afghanistan as---

1. Hamid Karzai

The present President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, belongs to an ethnic Pashtun family and was born on 24th December 1957, in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He comes from a very politically influential family of the country and are said to be the strong supporters of King Zahir Shah. He completed his post graduate education in India and later worked as a fund raiser during the anti- Soviet revolt in Afghanistan. His first political stint began after the fall Najibullah's government in 1992; he served as a deputy foreign minister under the government of Burhanuddin Rabbani. Karzai initially supported the emergence of Taliban but later differed with them after the assassination of his father by the members of Taliban militia group. His political career saw a great deal of upheaval at different times. The presidential elections which were held in the year 2004 saw him as a formidable candidate for the post of President. He thereby defeated his nearest rival and was elected as the first democratically elected leader of the country. Under the able leadership of Karzai, the land of Afghanistan is on its way to economic development and growth.

2. Mohammed Zahir Shah

Born on 16th October 1914 in Kabul he was regarded to be the last king of Afghanistan. He belonged to the Pashtun Barakzai dynasty who ruled over the land for a long period. After the death of his father, Mohammed Nadir Shah he was assigned to be the next king of Afghanistan. During his reign, he progressively worked towards the social enhancement of the country by introducing a set of political and economic reforms entitled to bring about modernization of the country. But all these reforms made little difference at the grass-root level life of Afghanistan as there were reports of people dying from malnutrition because of lack of food supply and proper medical care. No major infrastructure facilities were devised for the well-communication of the country. On his visit to Italy, his cousin Mohammed Daoud Khan staged a political coup and established a republican form of government in Afghanistan. He thereby lived an exile life for 29 years in Italy until in 2002 when he was asked to inaugurate the Loya jirga, the Afghan Assembly; he came back to the country. He died on 21st June 2003 in France.

3. Sardar Mohammed Daoud Khan

One of the popular national heroes of Afghanistan, Sardar Mohammed Daoud Khan was born in July 18, 1909. He is regarded as a famous Afghan statesman and held the post of the President of the Republic of Afghanistan for a long period until his assassination which led to his death in 1978. His remarkable political stint came to light when he played a crucial role in relation to foreign matters. Daoud Khan is well known for the implementation of Helmand Valley project. His death came as a surprise to the whole nation and the world too.


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