National Symbols of Afghanistan

The national symbols of Afghanistan represents the rich historical past of the country. Also the features of varied landscapes find a special mention which contributes to the growing significance of the national symbols of Afghanistan.

Here's sharing with you information on national symbols of Afghanistan---

2. National Anthem of Afghanistan

The national anthem of Afghanistan is known as 'Soroud-e-Melli' and was adopted in May 2006. It is written in Pashto language which is widely spoken in Afghanistan. The lyrics were scripted by Abdul Bari Jahani and the music was composed by Babrak Wassa.

1. National Flag of Afghanistan

The present day national flag of Afghanistan consists of three colors as black, red and green with a ratio of 2:3. Since the ancient times, different ensigns were developed and put on use from time to time. In the center of the flag, theirs is the picture of a mosque with its 'mihrab' imprinted on it. This flag was finally adopted on 4th January 2004.

3. Coat of Arms

The background of the national symbols of Afghanistan has a rich heritage to bank upon. The symbol of coat of arms of Afghanistan has an Arabic inscription at the top of the 'shahadah' which is basically a declaration of a religious belief indicating oneness with God and Prophet Muhammad. There is also the image of a mosque with a picture of 'mehrab' facing towards Mecca and also has two flags of Afghanistan on both sides of it. The image of the mosque is surrounded in a circular manner with a garland and on the top of it is an Arabic scripture.


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