Places to Visit in Afghanistan

Unlike other countries, Afghanistan has not been much of a popular tourist destination. The different places of visit in Afghanistan do not have the usual splendor of modern life style yet they are enriched with glorious history of the past which has in fact made it a place of importance. The popular places of visit in Afghanistan are widely reckoned for their rich heritage and cultural aspect. Afghanistan can be practically termed as the country of diverse natural landscapes such as the vast desert areas to the rough terrains along the Hindu Kush mountainous ranges.

Here's sharing with you different facts on places of visit in Afghanistan---

1. Kabul

The teeming capital of Afghanistan, Kabul is home to some of the best heritage sites of the world. Also being one of the oldest cities of the world it has many worth seeing natural splendors coupled together with the presence of ancient monumental landmarks. One of the most prominent places of attraction in Kabul is the Baghi Balah, located at the top of the city providing the visitors a beautiful bird's eye view of the whole city and its wonderful surroundings. Other tourist places of attraction include-- Darulaman Palace, Kabul Museum, Shamali and not to miss the King Nadir Shah's Tomb. It's interesting to note that the old Kabul is full of narrow pebbled streets, dilapidated buildings and bustling crowd. Few people would ever think that Kabul too has shopping malls which houses international products and accessories. The illustrious historical forts widely display the great architecture of the past era.

2. Mazar Sharif - Balkh-

One of the most important pilgrimage centers of Afghanistan Mazar Sharif is the capital of Balkh Province. With the passage of time, the city has become a nerve center of various economic and industrial activities catering to a huge customer base in both the domestic and international market. If you are a foodie and has a penchant for Afghan cuisine then the various restaurants of the city offers you amazing and unmatched traditional Afghan delicacies. The shrine of Hazrat Ali attracts thousands of devout Muslims from different parts of the world especially during Nowruz. The string of shops in this city offers you exclusive Afghan carpets and colorful 'chapans'.

3. Herat

The city owes its origin in the year 550-330 B.C and is situated in the western part of Afghanistan. In the ancient times, the place was popular for its tasty wine and was the center of various political activities during the reign of Alexander the Great. The city has long been witness to historic invasions coupled together with famous war conflicts that affected the city. Herat was once one of the prominent cities of Khorasan and well known as the Pearl of Khorasan.

4. Kandahar

Regarded as one of the largest cities of Afghanistan, it is also an important tourist place of visit in Afghanistan. The city was actually founded in 330 BC by Alexander the Great and was under the rule of Achaemenid Empire for a long time. Major places of attraction include-- the mausoleum of Ahmad Shah Durrani, Kandahar Museum and the village of Sher Surkh.


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