Cities of Algeria

The different cities of Algeria carry a distinct outlook of their own vividly characterized by inherent populace and culture. Because of their unique heritage and multi-cultural ethnicity, the important cities of Algeria have become a popular place of tourist attraction.

Here's providing you information on cities of Algeria

1. Algiers

The capital city of Algeria is invariably the largest city of the country. With a population of more than 2 lakhs the city is also home to some of the best architectural edifices of the African continent. Situated near the Mediterranean Sea, it has a very moderate climate. Evidences suggest that the present city of Algiers was actually established in 944 by Buluggin ibn Ziri, who was the founder of the Berber Zirid-Senhaja dynasty. Major places of attraction include--- cathedral of Notre Dame d'Afrique, the Bardo Museum and Kasbah.

2. Batna

Located in the Batna Province of Algeria, the city was built in the year 1844. Due to its close proximity to the Atlas Mountains it is also a popular tourist site for foreigners. The city is well known as the "City of Retirements" because of its laid-back and comfortable life style. The city has a very peaceful environment unlike other cities with round the clock hustle and bustle. The city is no less than a cultural hub with varied entertainment activities lined up through out the year.

3. Tiaret

Once inhabited by Roman Empire, the city has much to offer in terms of wide historical monuments. The city has been witness to many historic events which changed the identity. Recently, it has become a nerve center of economic activities and number of industries are being set up which has inevitably brought in a rapid phase of industrialization in the country.

4. SÚtif

Regarded as the capital of Setif Province, it lies towards the north eastern part of Algeria. Since Setif is situated at an altitude of 1,096 metres, it experiences a bitter cold season especially during the winters. Many industries have been set up lately providing employment opportunities to the urban and rural youth of the region.

5. Chlef

Chelf is the capital of Chlef Province of Algeria. Located towards the north of the country, the city has many worthwhile tourist attraction spots of historical importance. These include--- Al-Asnam which houses the Roman bastion, Tingitanum and Orleansville having a Christian basilica.

6. Tipasa

Widely known for its white sand beaches, it is located towards the coastal region of Algeria. It was actually founded by the Phoenicians and has many archaeological excavations and ruins under its geographical belt.

Thus, these well known cities of Algeria provide you a glimpse of the unique cultural and economic significance of the country. offers you insights on the cities of Algeria.


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