National Flag of Algeria

The National Flag of Algeria is a symbol of the celebrations brought to the country by its independence from French colonization. It also symbolizes the empowerment of the Islamic community and the unity and brotherhood that can be seen among the Algerian people. It came into official recognition on July3, 1962. It resembles its older version, which remained obscure and unrecognized from 1958 to 1962, the time when the Algerian government stayed in exile. Emir Abdel Kadir and his work were the source of inspiration in designing this flag. The star and the crescent contained in it are similar to Turkey’s flag.


The visual appearance of the flag contains a rectangular strip, with green and white color stripes surfacing it, decorated by a red star and a crescent situated in the center. It is quite similar to Algeria’s Naval Ensign with the only difference that it doesn’t have crossed anchors in the upper right hand corner.

Structural Proportion and Disposition

The ratio the width and length of the flag is 1:2. The red star in the middle of the flag has five pointed branches going in different directions and the star itself can be seen embedded into a circle having the radius equal to the eighth of the flag’s height. This inner circle has the radius, which is one fifth of the flag’s height. The flag also contains an outside circle on which the crescent is placed. Its radius is one fourth of the flag’s height. Thus we can say that its structure of Algerian Flag is quite well proportioned representing the order and stability, the country has achieved since independence.

Significance of Colors

The colors of the national flag of Algeria are the emblem of the influence of history on the social and cultural domains of Algeria. The also symbolize the effects of French suppression, wars and revolutions on the people of Algeria. They speak in a very concise way the social and spiritual values that are deeply settled down in the hearts’ of the people there.

The red color stands for the strife and tribulations that the valiant martyrs of the country have borne during the war against colonization. The green color stands for the paramount, powerful and all-embracing religion, Islam. It also represents the large Muslim community comprising the major section of the population of Algeria.

The white color stands for stability and peace that the country has attained after independence. It reflects that force that unites everyone and maintains tranquility and happiness.

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