National Heroes of Algeria

The National Heroes of Algeria were those valiant martyrs who sacrificed their lives to bring power and glory to the imperial forces. Since Algeria had been under the French colonial rule for more than a century, its people endured suppression in various forms. Apart from the freedom of expression and the freedom to practice religion being snatched away, the colonial suppression existed in the way people were subjected to slavery. And under this slavery, they unknowingly cultivated a kind of loyalty for the French colonizers. Thus they happily accepted to fight for the cause of liberation of the French from Nazis. They fought with all their strength to help the colonizers to remain independent untamed rulers.

However, it is very pathetic that they didnít receive any reward for their extraordinary bravery and remained unnoticed and unappreciated by the ruthless colonial power. Frantz Fanon, a famous writer and thinker, also became a victim of the French tactics, with which they used to take undue advantage of the forced slaves they had in Algeria and also in other colonies. Frantz Fanon fought for the French war and got severely wounded. Just like him, there were several martyrs who got buried into violent history, receiving death and ignorance in return. The French government awarded all the credit to its own soldiers who did nothing more than inflicting pain and misery on poor slaves.

Remembering the Setif massacre of May 8 1945, one can feel how the barbarous behavior of the French resulted in innumerable dead bodies. About 45,000 people were killed together on the same day. The only reason was that the French could not tolerate opposition and rebellion from its slaves, the people of Algeria. Some even adopted terrorism but were severely repressed and killed.

All the pain, brutality and repression borne by those unremembered soldiers has been well respected by the National Republic of Algeria and obeisance has been paid to them in the National Anthem of the country. In its National Anthem, Algeria addresses France in a revengeful and aggressive tone and at the same time, it takes inspiration from its martyrs and spreads the message throughout the country. No matter whether world remembers them or not, they would always be respected and remembered by the people of Algeria.

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