National Symbols of Algeria

The national symbols of Algeria signify the national identity of the country and also represent the rich heritage of the country. An analysis of the background of these national symbols of Algeria gives you a clear idea of the significance of theirs.

Here's providing you information on national symbols of Algeria--

1. National Flag of Algeria

In 19 th century, Abdel Kadir made few designs of the then Algeria which was in fact inspired by the flag of Turkey.

The national flag of Algeria is in shades of green and white, and has a red star and crescent on it. On July 3, 1962 the present day national flag was formally adopted by the Algerian government. Each and color and symbol in the national flag has its own significance as white stands for peace, green signifies the Islam and the red symbolizes the blood shed by the freedom fighters during Algerian struggle for independence.

2. Emblem of Algeria

The Emblem of Algeria is no less than the coat of arms just like the other countries. It was adopted in 1976 and was changed from French to Arabic. From time to time numerous changes were initiated along the lines of French coat of arms. It has a traditional symbol of ‘Fatima' inscribed in it. It stands for the rising sun which invariably indicates the coming of new era. Other symbols in the emblem symbolize agriculture and industrialization of the country. The mountains as seen in the emblem of Algeria stands for the famous Atlas Mountains.

3. National Anthem of Algeria

Written by Mufdi Zakariah, the national anthem of Algeria was adopted in the year 1963 and is invariably known as ‘Kassaman or Qassaman'. The music was composed by famous Egyptian playwright Mohamed Fawzi. It has been written in Arabic language.

Thus, this information on national symbols of Algeria helps you to know about the culture and rich history of the country. provides you relevant insight on national symbols of Algeria. Keep surfing through the pages of our website for more details.


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