Political System of Algeria

After the achievement of independence by Algeria, the political system of the country was reshaped and redefined in order to meet the changing needs of the society. The present political system of Algeria has been designed, with a view to usher in political stability as well as to bring about rapid phase of economic development.

Here's sharing with you some information on political system of Algeria--- Evidences indicate that the Algerian Constitution was first established in 1963, followed as a result to the ongoing Algerian War of Independence. It was initially decided that the draft of the constitution would be prepared by Ferhat Abbas, but the then President of Algeria thwarted off this plan. In the constitutional draft prepared in 1963 declared Algeria as a one-party state to be ruled by National Liberation Front (F.L.N). This constitutional frame work suffered a set back when it was suspended by the military coup of 1965.

Constitution of Algeria

This incident created a lot of confusion followed by political instability, therefore to make things under control Houari Boumedienne issued a second constitutional frame in 1976, which particularly emphasized on the essentiality of socialism and establishment of democracy in the country. However, in the year 1986, Boumedienne's heir Chadli Bendjedid changed the constitution in order to facilitate rapid economic growth, followed by introduction of multi-part system. In 1992 military takeover led to a state of emergency, which marked the beginning of the Algerian Civil War. Thus, according to the provisions of the new constitution of Algeria, the President of the country is regarded as the head of state and as well as the commander-in-chief of the Algerian armed forces. The President is also the chairman of the Council of Ministers and the High Security Council and is elected to a five year term which might be extended to two years in case of necessity. He also entitled to make the appointment of one-third of the upper house of the legislature.

Functioning of the Government of Algeria

One of the major aspects of the Algerian political system lies in the fact that the government of the country functions according to the provisions of the constitutional mandates. The Parliament of Algeria comprises of two chambers as-- the Council of the Nation which is also known as Upper Chamber and the People's National Assembly well reckoned as the Lower Chamber. The People's National Assembly which is the lower house of the Parliament in Algeria is actually constituted of 380 members who are directly elected from different assigned constituencies of the country. It's important to note that Algeria has a multi-party functioning system and the constitution of the country has made provisions for it and no political party can be formed on the basis of religion, sex or corporate beliefs.

Thus, these facts on the political system of Algeria give us a clear understanding of the political frame work of the country.

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