Argentina's Art and Culture

Argentina comprises a varied blend of many European cultures. The city Buenos Aires and many other cities are the harbor for several ethnic clusters that enrich the social as well cultural scenario of Argentina. A touch of African and Amerindian cultures can also be seen. Here a description of various cultural aspects of Argentina.


The Roman Catholic religion permeates the life of about 93% of the total number of people residing in Argentina according to the data obtained through analysis. In spite of not having obtained the official status, this religion is most commonly followed. Apart from this, the evangelical consisting of about 3.5 million and protestant forms of Christianity also have followers who form a part of the population. About 1.5% of the followers belong to the Islamic community. Also, about 330,300 people constitute to form a large community that has association with the Mormon Church. A small Jewish community also exists in Argentina constituting a 2% of the dwellers.


Spanish is the prominent and widely spoken language in Argentina. Other than Spanish there are various ethnic languages that prevail due to the existence of diverse communities formed by the populace of cultural groups that came from the European countries. For instance, the people residing in the northeastern region comprising Misiones and Corrientes use Guarani language. The language of the Bolivian immigrants is Aymara. The northwestern region is dominated by Quichua language. However, the popular trend is that of speaking the primitive Spanish language that is influencing almost all the societies in Argentina.

Art Traditions

The most illustrious painter of Argentina, Oscar Agustin Alejandro has charmed numerous people with the unconventional watercolor trend. Other than him, there are numerous world-renowned artists including Antonio Berni, Candido Lopez, Guillermo Kuitca and many others. When it comes to the carving of sculptures, artists like Leon Ferrari, Ciruelo and Loci Fontana come to mind. In the city of La Boca and Buenos Aires, the fame of the Painter Benito Quinquela Martin was really widespread.


The most hip and eminent music of Argentina is Tango that has over a period of time incorporated the rhythm of Milonga dance of Argentina into it. This tango music flourished especially in the period between 1930 and 1950. The popular singers that made a mark in this music were Tita Merello, Roberto Goyeneche and many more. Other music forms of Argentina comprise the classical music of Europe, the new generations’ favorite Argentine rock and the folk music that has shaped up many folk dance forms.


Argentina gave birth to many prolific writers such as Adolfo Bioy Casares, Jorger Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar. These writers of the 20th century have succeeded in obtaining worldwide recognition.


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