Cities of Argentina

There are numerous cities in Argentina that are a part of the many provincial domains that partitions the country administratively. And every province consists of several cities along with the capital cities belonging to each province. A few cities are described below:

Buenos Aires

Being a city of Argentina illustrious for its Tango music, hip nightlife, hustle and bustle of the commercial life, compelling museums like San Telmo and Plaza de Mayo, operas including the world famous Teatro Colon and apparent European dominance in the architectural patterns and cultural traditions, this prominent city called Buenos Aires has a special feature which harbors the large number of people constituting its population.


Situated on area along the mountainous region of Sierras Chicas, this capital of the Cordoba administrative unit of Argentina is renowned for being the hub of industrialization and buzzes with commercial proceedings that mark the characteristic features of this city as a whole. This city is also the container of the famous Jesuits architecture along with huge Nueva Cordoba area filled with branded shopping complexes, arresting sights like San Martin square and popular streets areas like Valaz Sarfield, Dean Funes and all that adds splendor to its appearance.


Having geographical affinity with the Paraguay River and the industrial sphere that operates under the boundaries of its port, this city is the home to many fascinating sights that make it all the more popular. These comprise the forest garden called Torelli, the Provincial Museum of History, Cantenary Stadium and the famous cathedral known as Nuestra Senora del Carmen. The city has resemblance with the cultural characteristics of the Buenos Aires as both of them share the same culture called ‘porteno’.

San Juan

With San Juan River featuring its location, the city San Juan has become one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Argentina packed with wide streets and the posh aspect attached to them. A lot of importance is given to this city due to its being the discovery place of the Triassic fossils having a global significance. Moreover, it contains Ischigualasto National Park, the sanctuary called Difunta Correa and the culture-preserving museums such as the eminent Mariano Gambier.

Santa Fe

With northeastern part of Argentina being its location point, the city Santa Fe contributes to the agrarian output of Argentina including the crops and the dairy products. It also contains prominent universities such as the University of Littoral and the Catholic University of Santa Fe and much of its structure dates back to the period when it had the status of a colony.


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