Demographics of Argentina

Demographically, Argentina is a country that shows the signs of modern and well-developed countries due to its population growth rate, which is exceedingly low and shows an increment of only 1% every year. According to the statistical data of the year 2005, the population of Argentina was recorded as 38,592,150.

The demography of Argentina consists of the conglomeration of people belonging to multifarious ethnic backgrounds that indigenously have European connection. These people mainly entered Argentina during the 19th and 20th centuries. The most important of them are the people belonging to Poland, Italy, France, Spain, and Germany along with a variety of Slavic people. Together they form a little less than the entire population of the country with an approximate estimation of 95%.

The Jewish people that are residing in Argentina are famous for being the greatest and a very huge group when compared to the other such groups in the entire Latin America. Most of their population inhabits the area of the city known as the Buenos Aires. Even this group of Jews consists of a mixture of the people from various parts of Europe.

The whopping population of Buenos Aires also consists of the people from the Asian countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Korea and China. Over the last decade of the 20th century a huge quantity of immigrants from the countries in the vicinity of Argentina have migrated to settle in Argentina.

Regional Distribution of the Population The popular urban areas constitute the settlement of about 80% of the people of Argentina. The largest city Buenos Aires is also the greatest inhabited cosmopolitan city containing an approximate population of 11.5 million people. Next come the cities of Cordoba and Rosario packed with a population of 1.3 and 1.1 million respectively. The remaining population is scattered over the other parts of the country in small bunches. Moreover, a major part of the population widely uses the Spanish language both for speaking and the written official purposes.

Shifting to the topic of economic status, the good thing about Argentina is that the people here have a very cushy and affluent lifestyle and they thus experience a very rich standard of living.


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