Historical Places in Argentina

The Historical places of Argentina consists of a various historical sites that enrich the cultural heritage gained by the country from its worth remembering history. A group of all these sights help increasing the historical relevance of the places that are comprised in this country. Some of the places with relevant historical importance attached to them are briefly described below:

Missions built by the Guaranis

These marvelous sites comprising the Nuestra Senora de Loreto San Ignacio Mini Santa Maria Mayor and Santa Ana were constructed by the Guaranian people during the colonial period of the Spanish powers. These ruins were formed on the basis of the popular baroque style to produce that extraordinary effect that makes them the awe-inspiring historical sites of Argentina. Due to all these characteristic features of these sites, they have the eminence of being included in the group of the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

Quebrada de Humahuaca

This indigenous valley of Argentina has been the intersecting point of various historically significant cultural aspects that are apparent due to the use of this valley as a popular trading path within a span of ten thousand years. It contains the remains of the peculiar architectural dwellings of the pre-Inca period, giving an evidence of the earliest existence of the people in this area of Argentina. Also this place has also witnessed the many battles that took place in Argentina’s freedom struggle. Moreover, they ameliorate the splendor of this place by leaps and bounds. This site of Argentina is also a part of the chart of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.

Sights of the Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the melting pot of historically valuable places that enhance the diversity of the city. It is the home to captivating ancient buildings, museums and beautiful monuments. These include the antique Congress Building, the most frequented Plaza de Mayo that has been in use since historical times, the worth remembering monument known as the El Obelisko, the National Art Museum and many other attractions that make this place worth visiting.

Calchaqui Valleys

Encompassing the regions of Tucuman, Salta and Catamarca there is a huge cluster of numerous valleys contained in this major valley. The ancient reminders of this place comprise the remains of various tribes that existed in the area of Tucuman. The known tribes of that period were the Calchaquies, Yokavil, Quilmes and Tafi who saw the annexation done by the Incas. Also the valley contains some of the most absorbing places including the Santa Maria, Tafi del Valle, Cachi and Cafayate.


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