National Flag of Argentina

The National Flag of Argentina was designed by Manuel Belgrano and earned official recognition in the year 1812. The day 23rd August of 1812 marked the very first hoisting of the flag, which happened in the greatest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Its structure consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width covering the entire background of the flag with consecutive placements. In the year 1818, the middle stripe of white color was embellished with the Sun of May, a significant symbol of Argentina epitomizing the popular Sun god worshipped by the civilizations of the Inca period. With the placement of the Sun of May, the flag is popularly referred as the Official Ceremonial Flag. The rectangular three bands and the outer rectangle containing them, maintain a proportion of 9:14 in their respective measurements.


A very common symbolic interpretation of the flag states that the flag resembles light blue color sky with white clouds and a shining sun. Other relations were made to Virgin Mary’s blue covering that simply reflects the influence of Christianity in Argentina. Some theories state that the colors of the flag have a touch of emblem of the House of Bourbon.

No matter what the interpretations are, the flag strongly signifies the independence of Argentina from the colonial rule of Spain. Its introduction by General Belgrano with the eventual celebrations of independence on 9th July 1816 reveals that it is a sign of the jubilation of the entire nation. The sun emblem also shows the importance the country gives to its historical past.

Honor to the National Flag

The year 1818, the flag with the sun emblem was awarded the status of prominent national flag rather than a symbol of the military forces. Moreover, since 8th June 1938, Argentina has been celebrating its flag day on the 20th June of every year with great enthusiasm. The person who introduced this wonderful step was Roberto Ortiz. The country also contains the National Flag Memorial, which continues with the proceedings of the of the Flag Day jubilations that mark a great occasion of national relevance.


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