National Heroes of Argentina

Argentina’s National Heroes have earned an amazing reputation not only in Argentina but also around the world. The independence bringers of Argentina had their share in granting independence to many South American countries. The contribution of some of the heroes is briefly described below:

Radolfo Walsh

This guerilla of Argentina commenced his revolutionary battle through the power of his pen. He was the member of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, which acted as the institution to give him breakthrough as a revolutionary. The movement that began in the year 1970 witnessed his involvement through the aggression of the arms and weapons that were incorporated into it. This switching to the violent step of the guerillas from a writer who opposed the unjust showed his remarkable potential. The year 1977 proved to be the unfortunate for the nation as it saw the brutal assassination of this valiant guerrilla in Buenos Aires.

Jose de San Martin

He was the pioneering leader in the independence movement not only of Argentina but of the all the countries in South America that endured the colonization from Spain. His birthplace was Argentina, but he received his education in Spain where he actively became a member of the army of Spain in the year 1789 and assisted it in fighting against France. Other than Argentina, his remarkable contribution also brought freedom to the countries like Chile and Peru.

In Argentina, San Martin is a flamboyant heroic figure that took the country towards the independence. In the year 1912, when he came to Buenos Aires, he became the source of forming the foundation of the Regiment of Mounted Granadiers, which became the major revolutionary army that paved the way of liberation of the country. He taught the soldiers with the latest tactics to fight their way against the opposite forces. His efforts in bringing the Second triumvirate to power ameliorated the power of the power of the Armed forces. He is the unforgettable National Hero of Argentina.

Carlos Maria de Alvear

His name is associated with the United Provinces of the River Plate, in which he acted as the prime administrator. His membership in the military forces gave a commendable support to Argentina in its battle for independence. He gave vent to his revolutionary aspirations by framing the league called ‘Sociedad de los Caballeros Racionales’. Today, he is remembered as Argentina’s great leader who worked towards attaining freedom for Argentina.

Sub Commandante Marcos

He started his revolutionary move as a guerilla champion and brought a great transformation in the political scenario through his revolutionary writings. His efforts in the freedom movement contained an altogether peculiar move.


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