National Symbols of Argentina

The National Symbols of Argentina showcase the pride that the country has on its people and the efforts that they made to bring glory to their country. They emphasize concept of free nation that gives a country unique status.

The Coat of Arms of Argentina

Argentina’s Coat of Arms came to recognition on the 27th April of 1944, as the National Emblem of Argentina. It is said to resemble with a seal belonging to the Sovereign General Assembly of the year 1813. The Coat of Arms appears to be in elliptical form whose top is adorned by the Sun of May, that is an emblem of escalating status of Argentina. A figure of shaking hands can be spotted quite clearly in the middle of the oval shaped background. They stand for the national integration of the people of Argentina that got strengthened with the freedom of the country. The red colored cap that the hands hold through a stick signifies the freedom achieved by the people. The two hands also symbolize the togetherness among the people of Argentina, which are represented through the blue and white background of the emblem. The laurel stands for the prestige of the entire nation.

The National Flag of Argentina

Argentina’s Flag came into being to be a part of national history of independence in the year 1812. The white and blue colors that formed the original flag represent the people of the nation. The Sun of May that was incorporated into the flag in 1816 shows the escalating nation that Argentina will remain forever.

The Sun of May

It is that emblem, which can be spotted on the flags of the some of the Latin American countries that became free from the rule of Spain. The Sun signifies the historical Inti deity and the association of the month ‘May’ with reminds of the May Uprising that consequently paved the way for the independence of Argentina.

Cockade of Argentina

The Cockade of Argentina was included in the list of Argentina’s National Symbols in the year 1812. The First Triumvirate, the governing body at that time, introduced it to symbolize the United Provinces of South America and stands for the independence of the countries. The Cockade consists of three circular rings with the innermost and outer portion painted in light blue while the middle ring is of white color. After that, the National Flag also comprised of the same colors.


This light brown beautiful bird has its habitat in various countries including Argentina. They can be spotted in their cushy nests and are popularly called ovenbirds that have South America as their place of origin. Argentina has honored them by making them as a national symbol.


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