Places in Argentina

Places in Argentina comprise the key attractions that ameliorate the beauty of the country. Though there are innumerable places that make a highly elevated picture of the whole country, only a few of them are described below, giving a panoramic view of Argentina:


This exotic province comprises the most exquisite forms of the architecture that have the resulting influence of the colonial period quite apparent in them. Its centermost square harbors the most enthralling ancient constructions comprising the Museo de Bellas, the Museo Historico del Nortethe Cabildo, and the Cathedral. The Quebrada de Cafayete situated in the vicinity of the Salta is famous for the extraordinary constructions carved out from the sandstone. Apart from this, the sunshine climate of this place doubles the classic grandeur of this place.


Renowned for the amazing wines that it manufactures, marked with the greenery of the trees that lie along the sides of the streets and linked with the spectacular Andes mountains situated nearby, this city contains has ample attractions that make it all the more compelling. It accommodates antique museums such as Callejero and the Sanmartiniano showcasing the structural and the primitive archeological valuables of Argentina.


Awarded with the title for being the oldest, this city is a popular place containing the antique churches including the Convento de San Francisco and the Santisima Cruz de los Milagros. The Esteros del Ibera situated in the northern part of this region consists of a rich biologically varied area serves as a habitat to the species like mammals, capibara, reptiles and birds. Also the missions of Jesuits can also be spotted in this region.


In this province lie the reservoir of the bird species popularly known as the Isla de los Pajaros where the creatures like flamingos, cormorants and egrets inhabit. For the wildlife lovers, Puerto Madryn is the most brilliant place offering a view of mammals including seals, sea lions and penguins that enrich the marine resources of this particular area.

The Jujury Province

This provincial unit of Argentina contains the spectacular scenery comprising the Quebrada de Humahuaca with the soothing rural touch, the ancient Purmamarca consisting of the rural settings reflect the different historical spans that the area has underwent over the years. Further the Calilegua National Park, the enthralling mountains near the Paleta del Pintor, and the primitive trade hub called San Salvador de Jujury contribute to adding the charm to the place.


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