Cities of Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world comprising of several states and territories with Canberra as its capital and Sydney as the largest city. Each of these states and territories encompass a large number of cities. The Capital Cities of Australia are:



  • It is the capital of South Australia and is divided into Adelaide and North Adelaide by the Torrens River and stands on the Gulf of St Vincent.
  • This city of Australia was founded in 1836 and was named in Honor of Queen Adelaide, The Consort of King William IV. With a Population of over one million, the city of Adelaide has retained much of its small city charm and grace.
  • The city of Adelaide is surrounded by a diverse range of landscapes including the Mount Lofty Ranges, the coastal beaches and green parkland. It is a well planned city and having an area of mere one square mile, Adelaide is easily accessible and it is almost impossible for anyone to get lost.
  • Accommodation is easily available with a wide range of options. Whether it is in the heart of the city, or amidst the beautiful landscape in the Adelaide Hills or even by the coast, finding an ideal location is really quite simple. All this combined makes Adelaide one of the great cities of Australia and also a great holiday destination.


  • The capital of the state of Queensland , the city of Brisbane was founded in the year 1825 and named after Sir Thomas Brisbane. It is the third largest city of Australia with a fast-growing population of 1.5 million; the city stands on the banks of River Brisbane.
  • Brisbane is an urban, cosmopolitan city which is both progressive and dynamic and its diversity only adds to its charm and sophistication. Constituting skyscrapers and parkland in addition to an artificial beach, Brisbane is surrounded by hills and bridges. The city is also renowned for its subtropical climate.
  • Most of the accommodation facilities are concentrated in the inner suburbs of Brisbane. Hostels, hotels, motels and bed breakfasts are available aplenty. Besides being a great holiday destination Brisbane makes for a great base for tourist attractions like the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.


  • Canberra is the capital of Australia located in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The city was planned by Walter Burley Griffin, an American architect, in the year 1912 and has a population of 310,000.Canberra is essentially the city of the government being home to the Parliament House of Australia.

Major government places include:
  • Government House
  • Old Parliament House
  • The National Gallery of Australia
  • Australian National Botanic Gardens
  • Canberra is also noted for its natural beauty, being surrounded by hills and Greenlan.
  • It is an ideal place for bushwalking, cycling and skiing. The leading tourist attractions are on the triangle constituting Commonwealth Avenue , Constitution Avenue and Kings Avenue . A wide range of accommodation is also available.


  • The capital of Northern Territory, Darwin was founded in 1869 and named after Charles Darwin. Owing to its proximity to South- East Asia, it is known as Australia's multicultural city with a population of 80,000. Darwin is said to have the most youthful population making it a lively and fun city.
  • The principle industries include mining and administration. One of the great attractions of Darwin is the Mindil Beach Sunset markets. The City makes for a great holiday destination with its youthful and jovial ambience and plentiful accommodation facilities.


  • Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, founded in1803 and the smallest state capital of Australia. It stands on the estuary of the River Derwent and is known to be a rather small city with a population of 180,000.
  • The city offers a blend of both historical and modern features. While on the one hand there are the Georgian buildings and harbor, on the other hand there is the Wrest Point casino complex which is Australia's first casino. These contrasts lend uniqueness to the city of Hobart.
  • Besides offering a wide range if accommodations, the city also has many places to stay which include Battery Point , Glebe, New Town, North Hobart, Sandy Bay and Sandy Bay. All this together makes Hobart a great tourist destination.


  • The capital of Victoria and the second largest city of Australia, Melbourne has a population of 3.2 million people. Situated on the Northern banks of the Yarra River, Melbourne exudes a multicultural atmosphere amidst the many Victorian era buildings and beautiful parkland.
  • Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city offering a diversity of attractions to its tourists and visitors alike. From bike riding and tennis to windsurfing and fishing, the city has it all and makes for an amazing holiday destination.


  • The capital of Western Australia, Perth was founded in 1829 and is situated across the Swan River. Often referred to as the Sunniest capital, Perth has a population of 1.3 million. The city had boomed during the Aussie Gold Rush in the 1850s.
  • Perth is a modern city with a number of historical tourist attractions with the most popular being The Perth Mint, which is Australia oldest operating mint. Other attractions include a wide range of beaches like Cottesloe, Floreat, Leighton, Port, Scarborough, Swanbourne and Trigg Island.
  • Availability of plenty of accommodation facilities combined with all the other attractions makes Perth a great tourist destination.


  • The capital of New South Wales and founded in 1788, Sydney is the largest and oldest City of Australia with a population of about 4 million people which is 20% of the total population of Australia.
  • It is a city with many Tourist attractions combined with many beaches, bay and national parks. Major attractions include:
  • The Sydney Harbor
  • The Rocks
  • Darling Harbour

Tourist accommodations are available aplenty which includes: Sydney apartments, Sydney bed and breakfast, Sydney hostels and Sydney hotels.


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