National Symbols of Australia

The Australian National Symbols represent Australia's culture, history, geography and heritage. The symbols stand for anything that is unique to Australia.

The National Flag

  • Australia's leading national symbol is the Australian National Flag which was flown for the first time on 3 September 1901 which is also celebrated as the Australian National Flag Day every year.
  • The national flag comprises of three basic elements on a blue base which are: the Union Jack, the Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross.
  • The national flag is displayed at various sporting events around the country, at schools, community groups and also paraded by the defence forces.
  • The National Flag being the primary Australian National Symbol has become an expression of national pride and honor for the Australians.

National Anthem

  • The Australian National Anthem holds a special place of pride among the leading national symbols of Australia. 'Advanced Australia Fair' by Peter Dodds McCormick was proclaimed the National Anthem of Australia in 1984.
  • The national anthem was performed for the first time in 1878 at the St. Andrew's Day concert of the Highland Society in Sydney.
  • The Australian National Anthem is sung at important ceremonies and official occasions. Being one of the important national symbols, it is imperative to regard the national anthem with great respect and honor and follow the protocols for its usage.
  • As a national symbol, the Australian national anthem exemplifies unity and also expresses pride and joy in Australian nationality.

Commonwealth Coat of Arms

  • This is the formal symbol of the Commonwealth of Australia, its ownership and authority. The Commonwealth Coat of Arms comprises of a Shield with the badges of the six Australian states, surrounded by an ermine border which symbolizes federation.
  • Granted by the Sovereign, the Commonwealth Coat of Arms is a symbol of authority and ownership.
  • It is framed by the golden wattle and the national floral emblem and supported by the native animals, kangaroo and the emu.

National floral emblem

  • The golden wattle was declared Australia's National floral emblem in August 1988 and is a symbol of unity. It also stands for the spirit of resilience of the people of Australia.

National Gemstone

  • The precious Opal, also known as "the fire of the desert," was declared Australia's National Gemstone on 28 July 1993. It is distinguished for its rarity and the desert regions of Central Australia are the world's largest producer of Opal.

National Colors

  • On 19 April 1984, the Governor-General declared Green and Gold as the National colors of Australia. The colors have gained much popularity especially at national and international sporting events.


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