Barbados Independence Day

National Flag of Barbados

Barbados celebrates November 30th as the Independence Day when it gained the status of a sovereign state after having been a British colony since 1627 till 1966. Barbados celebrates Independence Day with great pomp and show and the festivities go on throughout the month of November. Independence Day is a national holiday.


  • Barbados remained a British colony since the first English settlement at Holetown in the year 1627.
  • On the 30th of November, 1966, after over 300 years of being under the British, , the Barbados Independence Act was passed granting independence to Barbados with a new constitution..
  • The first Independence ceremony was celebrated with the hoisting of the national flag of Barbados, and the national anthem was played for the first time.


Barbados celebrates the Independence day with great fervor including Bajan traditions, special events and activities in the following ways:

  • A grand parade is held at Garrison Savannah, which was the original site of the first Independence Day celebrations in 1966.
  • The parade attracts a large crowd including tourists who flock to see the members of the armed forces marching in precision and displaying different skills.
  • Barbados is all lit up with decorative lights adding glamour to the Parliament buildings, Independence Square, Independence Arch and all the business establishments in the capital city of Bridgetown. The lights are blue and gold, depicting the national colours.
  • The highways with the roundabout are also lit up, and the entire place is spectacular to look at night.
  • It is a public holiday on this day, and in case it falls on a weekend, the following weekday is declared as a holiday.
  • The entire nation features the national colours blue, yellow and black in the form of flags and streamers.
  • There are sports competitions, fairs, and community events held all over Barbados.
  • Community based events like Talent Zonal Shows, Garden competitions, the Spirit of the Nation Show, etc. are held.
  • The people of Barbados participate with full enthusiasm in various events like fairs, concerts, carnivals and picnics.

Wishing the natives of Barbados a Happy Independence Day. Cheers!!


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