Historical Places of Belgium

The various historical places of Belgium document the country's rich, historical past which dates back to the middle ages. The country boasts of a host of museums and historical sites which have a record of major historical events in Belgium. Here is a brief outline of some of the major historical places in Belgium:

•  Museum of Musical Instruments ( Old Brussels)

•  The Bastogne Historical Center

•  Tresor du Prieure d'Oignies (Namur)

•  Grand Place(Brussels)

Museum of Musical Instruments (Old Brussels)

The Museum of Musical Instruments in Old Brussels is housed within the Old England Shop which is one of the first multi-level department stores built in the European continent. The museum has a collection of over seven thousand musical instruments including a tenor saxophone that was invented by Adolphe Sax in the year 1861.

A medieval musical instrument called hurdy-gurdy that resembles a short fat guitar and sounds like several violins in perfect harmony, is a special attraction in the Museum. This is a great place for people interested in ancient artifacts and a love for all things historical as well as musical.

The Bastogne Historical Center

There are some museums in Belgium sited on the grounds where the actual historical event took place and one such example is the Bastogne Historical Center. This historical center in Bastogne tells the story about the Battle of the Bulge. The Bastogne Historical Center vividly represents the battle scenes, ranking officers planning their meetings, and soldiers around a fire, warming themselves.

The entire area in Bastogne is a living museum, filled with tributes and memorials and is one of the important historical places in Belgium.

Tresor du Prieure d'Oignies (Namur)

The Tresor du Prieure d'Oignies in Namur is housed within a room in the Convent of the Sisters of Notre Dame. It is one of the smaller museums but with a remarkable collection of work from the 13 th century. The museum has masterpieces created by a goldsmith named Brother Hugo whose attention to detail and precision is worth taking a look at.

Grand Place (Brussels)

The Grand Place in Brussels is one of the most beautiful squares in the European continent and generally the first port of call for most visitors to the city. With its ornate baroque and gothic guild houses, the Grand Place is one of the major historical highlights in Belgium.

This historical site was built in the 13 th century as a merchant's market and today it serves as the great city center. Besides being a great place for visitors to experience the best of Belgian hospitality, the Grand Place also hosts several concerts and events all through the year.

There are numerous other historical places in Belgium like the Town Hall (Hotel de Ville), European Union (EU), and The Belgian Center for Comic Strip Art among with many others. These sites provide visitors, a comprehensive guide to the country's rich culture, traditions and history.


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