National Flag of Belgium

History of the National flag

The National Flag of Belgium was adopted on 23 January, 1831, following the nation's independence from the rule of the Netherlands in the year 1830. The original Belgian flag had horizontal bands, but due to its likeness to the Netherlands flag, the design was later changed to vertical bands. The current vertical design of the National flag of Belgium is founded on the flag of France and its colors had been taken from the Brabant flag. The National Flag of Belgium played significant role during the revolt.

Description of the National Flag

The National Flag of Belgium is a tri-colored flag, consisting of three identical bands colored black, yellow and red. The colors of the flag, according to ancient and Heraldic traditions have some symbolic implications. The color yellow symbolizes generosity, red signify courage, strength and valor and black is the symbol of determination.

The ratio of the National Flag of Belgium is 13:15, which is an unusual proportion and its origin is not known.

National Flag Protocol

As a primary National symbol, there are some essential rules and protocols that must be followed while using National Flag of Belgium. Here is a list of some of the flag etiquettes:

  • The Belgian National flag should never be flown over another national flag on the same staff, because that would imply superiority, or inferiority of one flag, or nation, over another
  • The National Flag Belgium should never be allowed to drag along the ground
  • It must be ensured that the Belgium flag is always flown the accurate way up
  • The National Flag of Belgium, under such condition that it no longer remains a fitting emblem of display, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner, with all due care and respect
  • There should be no disrespect shown to the National Flag of Belgium
  • The National flag should not be disfigured with any kind of insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing
  • The National Flag of Belgium must be hoisted first and lowered last
  • A torn or discolored flag of Belgium should be removed and substituted with a new flag

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