National Symbols of Belgium

The National Symbols of Belgium represent anything that is unique to the nation. The symbols embody the essence of Belgium, its rich history, culture and traditions. The National symbols of Belgium hold a place pride among the Belgians and provide every citizen a distinct national identity. The various National symbols of Belgium are:

•  National Flag

•  National Anthem

•  Coat of Arms

National Anthem

The national anthem of Belgium is titled "La Brabanconne" and is one of the primary national symbols of the country. There are three versions of the National Anthem of Belgium- Dutch, French and German, all there being major languages of the country. However it is to be noted that there are no official versions of the National anthem available. A verdict from the Ministry of the Interior dated 8 August, 1921 declared that only the fourth stanza of Rogier's amended version of the National Anthem can be regarded as official.

The National Anthem of Belgium was written by Jenneval, a young revolutionary in September 1830. The anthem was suitably altered by Prime Minister Charles Rogier in 1860 and it is the modified version that is used as the National Anthem of Belgium.

National Flag

The National Flag of Belgium is based on the flag of France and consist of three identical vertical bands of black (hoist side), yellow, and red. The original flag of Belgium had horizontal bands but the design was changed due to its similarity with the Netherlands flag. The colors of the flag of Belgium have been taken from the flag of Brabant.

Following the attainment of independence of Belgium from the Netherlands in 1830, the country adopted its official National flag on 23 January, 1831. The National Flag of Belgium played a significant role during the period of revolt.

As one of the leading National symbols of Belgium, the flag is handled with much respect and dignity and mostly used on occasions of national significance.

Coat of Arms

The Belgian Coat of Arms was adopted on 17 May, 1837, and consists of a pair of lions, which are the national symbols of Belgium. Both the lions on the Coat of Arms are shown holding a flag of Belgium. Located at the center is a shield with the symbol of the traditional lion. The mantle on the Coat of Arms represents the monarchy, inside of which there is a banner with the national motto.


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