Arts and Culture of Brazil

The turquoise blue sea beaches and the pulsating beat of the Samba dance offer you breathtaking views of natural sights and a glimpse into the vibrant art and culture of Brazil. A trip to the majestic land of Brazil remains incomplete without acknowledging the different vicissitudes of the various aspects of Brazilian art and culture.

A Brief Historical Background of Art and Culture of Brazil:

The Brazilian culture owes its origin to the Portuguese who invaded the country long back and established their supremacy over the land. With them they imbibed the Roman Catholic faith among the common general masses of Brazil, which still continues to exert dominant influence over the Brazilian populace. Also with the passage of time, other tribes and religious groups asserted their control over the natives of the land as the Amerindian's significantly molded Brazil's language, music, cuisine and religion. The Yoruba's from Southwestern part of Nigeria made its strong inroads into the traditional Brazilian religion. European countries as Italy and Germany also left behind strokes of western effect on the Brazilian art and culture. But towards the last half of 20th century, the cultural scenario of Brazil underwent a sea change with the intermingling of various foreign cultures especially in the field of cinema and modern art. The inter caste marriages of Portuguese with Indians, the invasions by the Dutch and French, the Spanish rule and later the immigration of Italians, Germans and Japanese to this land widely contributed to the growth of ethnicity of Brazil's culture.

Architecture and Heritage of Brazil:

The ancient monuments and old buildings stands testimony to the great historical period of which we were never a part of, and an insight into these monumental enclaves weaves dreams of unending mystery. The art and architecture of Brazil is best represented through a string of historical landmarks which is no less than national pride for the Brazilians. In Brazil, the restoration of the heritage sites, is the responsibility of the federal government, and is officially looked after by the Institute for National Artistic and Historical Heritage (Iphan). In the eighteenth century the development of Brazilian architecture received a great boost under the influence of French culture. The well defined classicism in Brazil came to be redefined in a 'caboclo' style represented in the works of Grandjean de Montigny. The end of the nineteenth century saw the dominant influence of eclecticism was with the application of new technical resources along with the use of creative inputs.

Aspects of Brazilian Literature and Entertainment Activities in Brazil:

Since the colonial period, the literature of Brazil was constantly under the Portuguese influence followed by a literary age characterized by romanticism and neo classicism. While the modern age saw the effect of realism in majority of the literary works. Some of the most popular Brazilian writers who rose to international prominence are--- Machado de Assis, Euclides da Cunha, Monteiro Lobato, Lima Barreto and Simões Lopes Neto. The vibrating cities of Brazil offer you numerous entertainment activities to delve on.

Thus, an overview of the art and culture of Brazil presents us interesting facets into the typical Brazilian lifestyle.


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