National Heroes of Brazil

The National heroes of Brazil are distinguished personalities noted for their contribution and sacrifices in the fight for the country's independence and freedom. Through their devotion and sacrifices for their country, these heroes are the role models for the present and future generations. The national heroes of Brazil are also eminent men and women who have made their country proud internationally in various disciplines. Some of the leading National heroes of Brazil are-

  • Luis Alves de Lima e Silva, Duke of Caxias
  • Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier
  • Jose Bonifacio de Andrade e Silva

Luis Alves de Lima e Silva, Duke of Caxias
Luis Alves de Lima e Silva was one of the most important military heroes of Brazil who fought in a number of wars namely- the Argentina-Brazil War, the War of Tatters, and most notably, in the War of Triple Alliance. At an early age Caxias entered the military at the First Infantry Regiment in the Court of Rio de Janeiro. Soon he rose to the ranks of general and baron, later becoming marshal, marquis, senator, and aide-de-camp of the emperor. Caxias was twice elected as the Minister of war as well as President of the council. Subsequent to the capture of Asuncion, he was superseded by the Count d'Eu and obtained the title of duke in 1869, the only Brazilian to receive the honorary title.

Caxias' birthday on 25th August is celebrated as the Brazilian holiday Dia do Soldado in his honor. In addition the cities of Duque de Caxias and Caxias do Sul are named in honor of this national hero of Brazil.

Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier
He was a man of many talents, being a merchant, doctor and also a dentist. Disgruntled with the Portuguese rule in Brazil and influenced by the American War of Independence, Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier led the first organized movement to drive out the Portuguese. Today he is one of the national heroes of Brazil and 21st April is a Brazilian national holiday which is celebrated in memory of the events leading to his execution. There is a city in Minas Gerais which is named after Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier.

Jose Bonifacio de Andrade e Silva
Jose Bonifacio de Andrade e Silva was Statesman of Brazil born in Santos, Sao Paulo who actively participated in the Brazilian independence movement as D. Pedro l's counselor. He was also called the "Patriarca da IndependÍncia" meaning Patriarch of the Independence. As a national hero of Brazil, Jose Bonifacio de Andrade e Silva will always be remembered and honored for his contributions.


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