National Symbols of Brazil

The National symbols of Brazil serve to unite the country as a whole and evoke the spirit of patriotism among the citizens. The symbols stand for honor and dignity and instill a sense of pride on being a part of such a great nation. The different National symbols of Brazil are discussed below.
  • National Flag
  • National Anthem
  • Coat of Arms
  • National Bird
  • National Flower

National Flag

The National Flag of Brazil constitutes a large yellow diamond on a green base. The green color stands for the lush fields and vegetation of Brazil while the color yellow stands for the country's wealth in gold.

Located in the center of the yellow diamond is a dark blue sphere which symbolizes the deep blue hue of the sky in the tropics. Scattered on the sphere are twenty-seven stars which represent the capital of Brazil and its federal states. Running across the middle of the sphere is a white banner bearing the words Ordem e Progresso meaning Order and Progress. The National flag is the leading national symbol of Brazil which is highly honored and respected and flown with much pride and dignity.

National Anthem

There is a controversy linked with the history of the National anthem of Brazil. The anthem was originally composed by Francisco Manuel for the military bands, while the lyrics were written by Osório Duque Estrada. The National Anthem was officially adopted in the year 1922 and is an important national symbol of Brazil and played during important national and sporting events.

Coat of Arms

The current version of the Brazilian Coat of Arms was established by Law no. 5,700, of 1st September, 1971, and signifies the change in the country's official name to the República Federativa do Brasil (Republica Federativa do Brazil)

The Brazilian Coat of Arms features a five-pointed yellow-and-green star and a blue circle in the middle, bordered by a coffee plant on the left-hand and a tobacco plant on the right.

The blue circle in the center shows the Southern Cross surrounded by a ring of twenty-seven white stars which represent the 26 states and the Federal District of Brazil. The Coat of Arms also consists of a blue ribbon with the country's official name, and the date 15 November 1889, the day the Republic was established.

National Bird

The Sabiá-laranjeira is the National bird of Brazil which is renowned for its beauty of both plumage and its song. Found all over the country, the Sabiá-laranjeira became the latest official symbol of Brazil on 4 October, 2002 when it was designated as the national bird in a Presidential Decree.

National Flower

The National flower of Brazil is the Ipê-amarelo - (Tecoma chrysostricha) which is one of the national symbols of the country.


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