Places to Visit in Brazil

One of the largest countries of South America, Brazil is a land of contrasts replete with varied natural scenic views. There are different places to visit in Brazil with great sun kissed beaches, Amazon forests and historic cities to name a few. The warm hospitability of the general Brazilian masses makes the place more attractive. The different historical places of visit in Brazil offers you fascinating glimpse into the unending mysteries of great historic events and incidents which shook the nation, if not always but for a while.

Here's sharing with you information on tourist places of visit in Brazil:

1. Fernando de Noronha Island---
Fernando de Noronha Island actually comprises of a cluster of islands with the presence of numerous volcanoes, mountains and valleys. The place enjoys tropical climate and presence of wide varieties of flora and fauna. A walk down the beaches of the Fernando de Noronha Island will offer you amazing introduction to varied water species such as sea tortoises, dolphins and albatrosses. This island has also an interesting history to bank upon. Originally, in the earlier times, the island was known as Ilha da Quaresma. It's commonly believed that Fernão de Noronha is accredited with the discovery of the island. In the year 2001, U.N.E.S.C.O declared Fernando de Noronha, a World Heritage Site, since the place has witnessed a great footfall during the festive occasions.

2. Rio de Janerio---
Nicknamed as the "A Cidade Maravilhosa - The Marvelous City", Rio de Janerio was once the capital of Brazil. This old city boasts of a wide array of spectacular natural sceneries, exotic beaches and not to miss the old teeming market places jostling with varied activities. The narrow lanes and old buildings of the city speak of its glorious history which is hard to ignore. Historical evidences indicate that the city was founded on March 1, 1565, by Estácio de Sá, who was mesmerized by its views and called it São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro 20. Since then the settlers in this part of the world were known as São Sebastião or 'Saint Sebastian'. It's believed that the exact place of Rio de Janerio's foundation is at the foot of Pão-de-Açúcar. However, the best time to visit the city is during the carnival which is an annual celebration in Brazil held for more than 40 days before the commencement of Easter whilst marking the beginning of Lent.

3. Salvador---
Regarded as the cultural hub of Brazil, Salvador is situated towards the northeastern coast of Brazil and is the capital of the state of Bahia. It was first discovered by Europeans in the year 1502 followed by the Portuguese settlement in the year 1549. A walk down the old streets of Salvador will offer you majestic views of white cathedrals lined up along the major lanes of the city. The city is home to first Catholic bishop of Brazil and was a center of ecclesiastical power of Brazilian Catholicism. The vast stretches of Salvador coastline features white sandy beaches, mangrove swamps and some of the best tourist resorts of the country. It is also one of the most popular places of visit in Brazil.

Thus, the different places of visit in Brazil take you through a wondrous journey of the captivating natural sights.


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