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Canada possesses a rich, bilingual and diverse culture, owing to the major contributions of artists from all disciplines as well as Canadians of all origins. The arts and culture of Canada is an expression of the people of the country, through their music, art, design, cinema and literature. Canada is a fairly young nation. Therefore the arts and culture of Canada is mostly contemporary. This fact is evident from contemporary authors like Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel and Michael Ondaatje, all of whom are recent winners of the Booker Prize.

Canadian artist from all disciplines have attained international acclaim over the last few decades. New -Age artists have introduced technology to their work and this amalgamation of art and technology has further popularized Canadian art in the global market.

Visual Arts

Canadian visual arts is rich and diverse, ranging from the portraits of Théophile Hamel and Cornelius Krieghoff landscapes to the realism depicted in the works of Alex Colville. The Canadian artists incorporate a variety of styles and techniques into their artistic creations.

Contemporary arts in Canada stand out for its variety in content. The creations vary from the deeply personal to social and political issues and from the intellectually disciplined to the free and intuitive. It also differs in production, from the solitary to the collective.

Performing Arts

  • Canadian Music :-Music in Canada has a special place of importance owing to its historical significance. P ianist Glenn Gould is a national icon and is renowned worldwide. Canadian musicians specialize in every genre of music. In the field of popular music, there is a pool of talented singers. Artists like Bryan Adams, Avril Lavigne, Céline Dion, Leonard Cohen, Sarah McLachlan, and Shania Twain are only some of the popular international sensations with a fan following worldwide. Chamber music like Tafelmusik or the St.
    Lawrence Quartet have won many prizes and holds a special place of import in Canada. Montreal's world-renowned annual jazz festival is a much awaited musical event in Canada. The world's most celebrated jazz artists include Oscar Peterson, Oliver Jones, Diana Krall and Lorraine Desmarais among several others. The Montreal and Toronto symphony orchestras specialize in classical music and have widely toured the world.

  • Cinema :- Canadian cinema is gaining much popularity with several veteran film- makers who produce and direct a variety of films ranging from documentary to animation. Filmmakers and directors like Atom Egoyan, Denys Arcand, David Cronenberg and Denis Villeneuve are among others who have contributed greatly to the field of cinema. Several awards have also been won by Canadian filmmakers like Alanis Obomsawin who won for “Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resista” and Peter Raymont for “Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire”.

  • Literature :- There is a whole host of playwrights, novelist, poets and essayist in Canada. Through literature, these writers narrate the story of Canada and its people, their deepest feelings and thoughts. Some of the popular names in Canadian literature are Jacques Ferron, Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies, Gabrielle Roy, Hubert Aquin, Gaston Miron and Northrop Frye among several others. Canada has also made a mark in the realms of theatre, dance and other performing arts all over the world.

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