Historical Places of Canada


The historical places of Canada capture the essence of the country's heritage and cultural past and provide a link that binds the nation together. A historical place may be an archeological site or an ancient monument or structure with some sort of heritage, cultural or aesthetic values linked with it. Here is a listing of some of the historical places of Canada.

•  Sheffield Park Black Cultural Museum

•  Uncle Tom's Cabin

•  Royal Ontario Museum

•  Hockey Hall of Fame

•  Royal Alberta Museum

Sheffield Park Black Cultural Museum

The Sheffield Park Black Cultural Museum is located on Highway 26, about 2 miles west of Collingwood on the Georgian Bay shores. The Museum, offers fascinating stories of generations of pioneer families who have been living in the Collingwood Area. This museum is one of the popular historical sites in the city of Ontario.

Uncle Tom's Cabin

This is yet another important historical place in Ontario located in the Dawn Settlement of Dresden. Uncle Tom's Cabin is sited on the property that was bought by Josiah Henson. Major attractions of this Cabin include several artifacts and souvenirs, replica structure of Uncle Tom's Cabin, the Saw Mill and the grave of Josiah Henson.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is the largest museum in Canada, located at the corner of Queen's Park Avenue and Bloor Street. The Museum exhibits a whole host of archeological items, visual arts and specimen of natural history. It also has over 40 galleries and is one of the leading historical places of Canada.

Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame is located in the BCE Place downtown, Toronto and has a recorded history of hockey over 100 years. The Hall of Fame has many interactive games and several historical exhibits on display like the leagues' major awards and trophies like the Stanley cup.

Royal Alberta Museum

The Royal Alberta Museum is located on 102 Avenue, Edmonton and it is one of the major historical sites of Canada. Its oldest and permanent displays consist of the Syncrude Gallery of Aboriginal Cultures. This Gallery is acclaimed worldwide and showcases the history of the aboriginals over 11,000 years. The Museum's other long term attractions include Natural History Gallery, The Bug Room and the Wild Alberta gallery.

There are several other places of historical significance in all the provinces and territories of Canada. Here is a list of the other historical sites in Canada.

•  Markham Museum & Historic Village - Toronto

•  Fort York- Toronto

•  Colborne Lodge - Toronto

•  Scarborough Historical Museum - Toronto

•  The Gibson House Museum - Toronto

•  Brooks Aqueduct - Alberta

•  Fort George and Buckingham House - Alberta

•  Rutherford House Alberta

•  Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Alberta

This site provides a brief introduction to a few selected historical places of Canada. For more information on Canada, keep flipping through the pages of 123independenceday.com.


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