National Heroes of Canada


Significant contributions of men and women for their respective countries in the fields of politics, arts, science, sports, social or any other area makes them heroes of the nation. The National heroes of Canada are eminent personalities noted for their special achievements and have been role models for the country's citizens over many generations. Here is a list of some of the National heroes of Canada.

•  Reginald Aubrey Fessenden

•  Marilyn Bell

•  George Beurling

•  Nellie McClung

•  William Lyon Mackenzie King

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden was born on 6 October, 1866 in East Bolton, Quebec in Canada. He is often referred to as the unsung hero of telecommunications industry. Fessenden was a pioneer in the field of wireless communications whereby he had developed a completely new wireless transmission system. This new and innovative system was based on a principle different from the others working in the same field. Some of the awards received by Reginald Aubrey Fessenden for his great achievements are:

•  The Medal of Honor from the IRE {Institute of Radio Engineers) 1921

•  The John Scott Medal from the Advisory Committee of the City of Philadelphia in 1922.

•  The Scientific American Medal in 1929.

Marilyn Bell

Born on 19 November, 1937, Marilyn Bell is renowned for her achievements in the field of sports. At an early age, Bell joined the Lakeshore Swimming Club at Port Credit, Ontario. After becoming the first woman to swim the 52 kilometers, across Lake Ontario, Bell became a National hero of Canada. She has been a source of inspiration for many Canadian swimmers and her achievements include:

•  Being the youngest swimmer to cross the English Channel

•  Swam across the Juan de Fuca Strait

George Beurling

Flight Lieutenant George Beurling was the most renowned pilot of Canada during Second World War and also a leading National hero. He was born on 6 th December, 1921 and his great feats include Shooting down 27 enemy planes within two weeks. He had a sharp mind for numbers and details and was also one of the top marksmen in air. George Beurling worked for both the RAF and the RCAF. Major award won by him are:

•  The Distinguished Flying Medal for action on July 6, 1942.

•  Distinguished Flying Cross

•  Distinguished Service Order

Nellie McClung

Born on 20 October, 1873, Nellie McClung was acclaimed for being the most influential social activists in the history of Canada. She contributed greatly for the cause of women and children.

At the age of sixteen, Nellie McClung began teaching in a rural school in Manitoba. In the early 1900s, she helped the Manitoba women win the right to vote. Her other claims to fame include:

•  Being elected to the Alberta Legislature in 1921

•  She was one of the founding members of the Political Equality League.

•  McClung promoted property rights of married women, better care for school children and mother's allowances all over Canada, England and the United States.

William Lyon Mackenzie King

Born on 17 October, 1874, Mackenzie King was ranked as one of the most important Canadian prime ministers. His association with politics began after University when he joined the federal liberal party.

In the 1921 elections, William Lyon Mackenzie King became the prime minister of Canada and was in office for 22 years. The government under Mackenzie King created the Old Age Pension Act, 1926. He also supported conscription under Laurier.

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