National Symbols of Canada


The National symbols of Canada represent all that the nation stands for, its people, places, traditions and cultures. For every citizen of Canada, the National symbols offer a sense of pride and honor in being a part of such a beautiful and diverse nation. The various National symbols of Canada are:

•  The National flag

•  The National anthem

•  The National animal

•  The Maple leaf

•  The Coat of Arms

National Flag

The National flag of Canada was officially adopted and inaugurated in the year 1965 after several years of political debate over the flag's design. The National flag holds a special place of honor as one of the foremost national symbol of Canada and therefore treated with much reverence.

Canada's official National flag is colored red and white, the country's official colors, and its center bears a maple leaf which is Canada's traditional emblem.

National Anthem

"O Canada" was officially declared the National anthem of Canada on 1st July, 1980, a century after it was first sung in 1880. The original lyrics of the anthem were written in French by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier and the music was composed by Calixa Lavallée. Over the subsequent years, several English versions of the anthem were also created. The official English version of the anthem was written by Mr. Justice Robert Stanley Weir.

As a National symbol of the country, "O Canada" is sung at sporting events, school assemblies and other formal occasions of national importance.

National Animal

The Beaver is Canada's National animal and its discovery is intrinsically associated with the discovery of the country itself. As an official National symbol, the beaver appears on several Canadian memorabilia like stamps and coins. The beaver is a symbol of ingenuity and perseverance. The beaver officially became the emblem of Canada on 24 March, 1975.

The Maple Leaf

The history of the maple leaf as a symbol of Canada can be traced back as early as 1700. As Canada's National emblem, the maple leaf appears on the national flag and coins and for many years it was used as a symbol of the Canadian Armed Forces. The maple leaf attained official status subsequent to the adoption of the new National flag of Canada which bears the leaf in its center.

Coat of Arms

Canada's National Coat of Arms closely resembles the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom with the exception of the additional maple leaves around its edges. The Coat of Arms is widely used for official purpose like classifying the minister and their offices, institutions of parliamentary secretaries' and also the institutions with quasi-judicial functions. Besides, the symbol of the Coat of Arms also appears on official documents like the passports.

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