Political System of Canada


The political system of Canada has federal system of Parliament with serious democratic values embedded into its functioning. The system has its roots in the Westminster Parliament of the United Kingdom, which has brought some alternations and revisions to it. If compared with the United Kingdomís system in terms of values and discipline, Canadian political system is far better, stronger and responsive. This is because the democratic values are well preserved and implemented with the help of confidence voting system. Thus the members of the parliament remain quite out of the democratic scenario.

The political system of Canada came into recognition with the initiative taken by the British government. The British government established a recognized governing system in 1867,especially for the countries that had self-governments gearing them up to play the desired role, in order to bring regulations and political stability to the country. Today, Canada is heading towards the attainment complete constitutional democracy.

Canadian political system comprises a group of political parties with Liberal Party of Canada, New Democratic Party and the Conservative Party of Canada taking the major lead. In the Canadian Judicial System, itís the Supreme Court of Canada with its strength of nine judges that reign over the entire judicial scenario. Moreover, the whole political system is empowered by significant government departments comprising the following-

  • The National Defense Department
  • The Finance Department
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
  • The Revenue Department
  • The Human Resource Department
  • The Department for Public safety and Emergency

Apart from this, there are various government agencies that aid in the functioning of the political system.

However, social conflicts have been a major concern of the government of Canada. For a long time, disputes have been constantly occurring among the Quebec, French and the English groups. They have been clamoring for their independent, distinct and unique political identity. They have also been trying to bring reforms into the whole political system, according to their own aspirations. To resolve their disputes and to bring unity and togetherness among them has remained the desired aim of the Canadian government. Thus, by seeing the way it works, we can say that it will surely attain the order and stability, towards which it is moving, with national integration and rights to freedom also forming a part of the list of its objectives.


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