Political System of China

Political System of China refers to the political structure, fundamental laws, rules and regulation and practices that are implemented in Mainland China, and which control the state power, government, and the relationships between the state and society. Being a socialist country, led by the working class, based on the worker-peasant union and practicing people's democratic centralism, the primary system in the country is the socialist system.

The Constitutional System---
The constitution states the fundamental law of the state. The current constitution was adopted on December 4, 1982 by the 5 th National People's Congress.

The System of People's Congress---
It's the organizational form for the state power in China and its fundamental political system. The National People's Congress (NPC) holds the highest authority in state power, while local people's congresses are the local authorities. Both are elected by the people.

The Party in Power---
The Communist Party is the only party in power. Founded in 1921 , the Communist Party of China (CPC) finally recognized the People's Republic of China in 1949 through years of armed struggle. At present there are 60 million members in more than 3 million grassroots organizations.

The System of Multi-Party Cooperation and Political Consultation---
The CPC being the only party in power in People's Republic of China, has eight other political parties accepting its leadership and participating in the discussions and management of state affairs, in cooperation with the CPC.

The Central Administrative System---
The People's Republic of China includes the central administrative organs under the system of National People's Congress and the leadership of the central administrative organs over local administrative organs at different levels.

The State Council of the People's Republic of China is the Central administrative organ and the highest administrative organ of the state is the State Council.

The Local Administrative System---
It's the system and practice of establishing administrative regional divisions and setting up of local administrative organs to assist the implementation of local administration.

The System of the Head of State---
The President is the head of the state of the People's Republic of China. He stays in office for a term of five years and can serve for only two consecutive terms . Duties comprise of various domestic powers as well as handling foreign affairs.

The System of Civil Servant---
Civil servants refer to all the staff, except employees who all are working in state administrative organs, implement state administrative power and conduct public services according to law.

The Election System---
It refers to the way citizens choose the public servants of the state- the deputies to the people's congresses at various levels. China has a comprehensive system for it elections which include laws and regulations pertaining to the peoples' right to vote and stand for election, function of the powers that supervise the election, procedures of direct and indirect election, election expenses and punishment of violations.

The System of Self-Government of Ethnic Autonomous Areas---
All the areas heavily populated with ethnic minorities are managed by self-government under national leadership, which is determined by geographical size and population. In accordance these places receive preferential treatment, like the autonomous regions are equal to provinces; autonomous counties are equal to counties and so on.

Special Administrative Regions---
When desired, the state establishes special administrative regions according to the law enacted by the National People's Congress. The system includes a chief executive, a legislative council, administrative organs, and judicial organs.


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