Independence Day of Colombia

The land of Colombia is located in the Northern part of the continent of South America, sharing border with the Caribbean Sea, between the Panama and Venezuela, along with the North Pacific Ocean, between the countries of Ecuador and Panama Like other countries Independence Day of Colombia is celebrated with great fervor and zest by the people of the country.

Brief History of the Independence Day of Colombia

Christopher Colombus is credited with the discovery of Colombia. During the earlier times, the land of Colombia was under the Spanish rule since 1500. In 1549, Audiencia in Santa Fe de Bogotá gave capital status to New Granada, which is now a part of Colombia. On July 20, 1810, the citizens of Bogotá formed the first representative council to withstand Spanish authority, and achieved full independence in 1810. The struggle for independence in Colombia received an impetus led by great freedom fighters Simón Bolívar and Francisco de Paula Santander in New Granada which resulted in the Battle of Boyaca, on August 7, 1819. Bolívar was subsequently elected as the first president of Greater Colombia and Francisco de Paula Santander, as its vice president.

The Independence Day of Colombia is celebrated with unequalled festive fervor. The day falls on 20th July every year when all the office, school and college establishments remain closed. Various festivals and events are held on this occasion at different cities and towns of the country. It's also the time to organize events highlighting the traditional folk dances and songs of the region.


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