Arts and Culture of Colombia

The finer things of life always find expression through art and culture well represented through various forms. The art and culture of Colombia is a true reflection of the rich culture and heritage of the country which has in fact been an inseparable part of it since time immemorial.

A Brief Historical Background of Art and Culture of Colombia

Colombia is a part of the Latin American culture, yet it bears distinct characteristic of its own. Since the earlier times, Colombia has been under the influence of Spanish culture, which has in fact left behind an indelible mark in every aspect of Colombian life. The rich vibrancy of the different regions of Colombia significantly contributes to the unique feature of the cultural identity of the country. The varied indigenous tribes such as Tayrona, Sinu, Quimbaya, Calima, Muisca who were prevalent during the ancient times, well structured the art and culture of Colombia and gave it a shape which later culminated into an amalgamation under the foreign influence.

Entertainment Activities in Colombia

The rapid phase of urbanization has led to the usherance of a cosmopolitan culture in Colombia and the effects of it are widely felt in different spheres of Colombian culture. The rich legacy of the Castilian heritage still continues to dominate the ethnicity of the country. The architectural landmarks scattered along cities and towns across Colombia bear testimony to the great historical events which rocked the country from time to time. The popular forms of art are well restored, and efforts are made to promote them among international diaspora. If you plan to visit Colombia, you can't afford to miss its authentic cuisine, dazzling nightlife and rich folk music. Innumerable art galleries, museum, theatre and art centers are the hub of various traditional art and dance forms held regularly at different times of the year. The attractive carnivals of Colombia draws huge crowd from different parts of the world.

Literary Aspects of Colombia

The Colombian literature has a come long way and established itself as a treasure trove of wide literary forms, some of which has received international accolades in the past few years. The traditional festivals, the aspects of rural life and the intricacies of urban livelihood always continue to find a special place in many of the popular Colombian literary works. However, in this respect Nobel Prize winner, Gabriel García Márquez finds a special mention, who is no less than an eminent figure in Colombia.


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