Cities of Colombia

The different cities of Colombia present an overview of the rich and vibrant Colombian life coupled together with its cosmopolitan culture. To know more the varied features of these cities of Colombia here's sharing with you some important facts

1. Bogotá

Officially named as Bogota D.C., it's the capital city of Colombia and is the hub of many political and administrative works of the country. The city has the distinction of being a historic place as it has witnessed many great events and wars through the last few decades. Located at an altitude of 2640 meters above sea level, it has also many worthwhile scenic views, ancient artistic edifices and dazzling shopping malls. The colonial styled streets are home to many popular eateries offering the visitors a unique multi cuisine in a traditional manner.

2. Santiago de Cali

With a population of more than 2,068,386, Santiago de Cali is one of the most densely populated cities of Colombia. On July 25, 1536, Spanish conqueror Sebastián de Belalcázar founded the city. Since then, the place has been inhabited by many indigenous tribes. This beautiful city of Colombia is also home to many large rivers and wide mountain ranges and thereby shares an annual average temperature of 24°C. Many popular sports and cultural activities like 'Feria de Cali' and 'Rio Cali' are being held drawing huge crowds from neighboring countries.

3. Bucaramanga

Regarded as Colombia's sixth largest metropolitan city, Bucaramanga is the hub of varied commercial activities spreading even across the bordering nation of Venezuela. This old city also has many manufacturing companies scattered here and there providing employment to thousands. The average temperature in this area is 23°C. Bucaramanga is divided into 23 boroughs and is still growing day by day.

4. Santa Marta

Widely known as a port city of Colombia, it is also a popular tourist spot. Located in the north western part of the country, the city was named after the Biblical Martha. Since it's surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and in midst of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, it enjoys a moderate climate, though rainfall in this region varied from 12 to 975 mm. Major places of attraction include Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, La Casa de la Aduana, Madame Agustine House etc.

5. Barranquilla

Often referred to as the industrial district of Colombia, Barranquilla is also famous for its annual carnivals, cosmopolitan culture and being the hub of various multicultural activities. It is also well connected with the major cities of U.S.A and parts of Europe. Also famous for its exotic beaches, the city is regarded as the hub of many worthwhile tourist spots.

Thus, each city of Colombia presents a unique feature of its own.


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