Historical Places of Colombia

There are many historical places in Colombia widely famous for their inherent features and background. Some of them have become a paradise for tourists who throng in large numbers to this place.

Here's providing you details on the varied historical places of Colombia as---

1. Bogota

Often referred to as the 'Athens of South America', Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada is credited as the founder of this city. When Quesada first landed in 1538, he was very impressed by the landscape of the surrounding areas and decided to live here for the next few years.

The city was named after Santa Fe in Granada, Spain, where Quesada was and after that it was renamed as "de Bogotá" finally in 1819 it came to be known as "Bogotá." It is also regarded as the nerve center for political activities primarily during the struggle for independence. There are many colonial styled edifices located in the district of La Candelaria.


2. Bucaramanga

Regarded as the capital of Santander province, this historic city is situated towards the northeast of Bogota and in midst of the Río de Oro scenic valley. There are many important architectural landmarks displaying the rich cultural heritage of the region. In fact, there are many museums which are home to many art collections procured from different places of the world as well as being home to some popular old churches of the region. Major attractions include-- Casa de Bolivar, Parroquia de San Laureano and Instituto Municipal de Cultura.


3. Villa de Leyva

This historic town was founded in 1572 and was accordingly named as Villa de Nuestra Señora de Santa Maria de Leyva. One of the prominent features of this town is the presence of Cobble stoned narrow streets, Spanish styled bungalows with private courtyards, some of which has been transformed as resorts and hotels. Popular attractions include Infiernitos, an ancient astronomical observatory center and Monasterio Santo Ecce Homo.


4. Cartagena

A city that's teeming with the glorious history of the past ages and at the same time its modern cosmopolitan culture presents it as one of the best places in Colombia. Here the great events of history come alive with the presence of magnificent monuments and old edifices scattered at different places of the city.

Thus, the varied historical places of Colombia are unique in their own self thereby retaining its old glory.


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