National Flag of Colombia

National Flag

The unfurling of the national flag arouses emotions of patriotic and nationalistic fervor. The national flag of Colombia represents the aims and aspirations of the people of the country at the same time highlighting the rich cultural background of Colombia.

Brief Historical Background of the National Flag of Colombia

Francisco de Miranda, a famous Venezuelan revolutionary is credited with the creation of the Colombian national flag. He based his ideas on an ensign designed by Christopher Colombus during one of his voyage. The present national flag of Colombia is a tri color flag with colors such as yellow, blue and red.

Features of the National Flag of Colombia

1. The color yellow in the flag stands for the country's rich natural resources. It also symbolizes sovereignty, justice and universal liberty.

2. Blue signifies the two oceans surrounding the country on both the sides. It also stands for nobility, loyalty, vigilance, equality of varied races and social strata's before the eyes of God and the law.

3. The color red stands for the blood sacrificed by the freedom fighters of the country during the struggle for independence. It also represents valor, honor, victory, generosity and fraternity. However, the ratio of the flag is 2:3.

According to a law passed by the government of Colombia, that citizens living in the country can fly or show their national flag on days of national importance or national holidays. This law has been under the eye of controversary, as many social activists have launched many campaigns against this framed law.

Thus, the national flag of Colombia bears the true nationalistic ardor of the country and its varied aspects.


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