National Symbols of Colombia

National Symbols

The national symbols of Colombia represent the vibrant historical and cultural heritage of the country accumulated over decades of hard struggle. They also represent the aims and aspirations of the people living in the country.

To know more about the national symbols of Colombia, here's sharing with you some facts as

1. Colombian Condor

The 'Andian Condor' is regarded as one of the significant national symbols of Colombia. This particular species of bird finds a special mention in the mythological stories of South American region. Scientifically, it has been established that condors belong to the family of vultures.

2. National Flag of Colombia

A tri color flag comprising of yellow, blue and red is regarded as significant national emblem of Colombia. Each color stands for distinctive qualities of their own as yellow represents sovereignty and equal justice for all. Blue signifies the vast blue oceans surrounding the country while red symbolizes valor, honor and victory which at the same time also throw light on the blood shed by the people for the independence of the country.

3. Coat of Arms of Colombia

The Coat of Arms of Colombia was adopted in the year 1834 through a legal procedure passed by the legislative assembly of the country. The symbol of Coat of Arms of Colombia has a shield comprising of many symbols. On the top of the shield is the picture of an Andean Condor with an olive crown beside it, the bird symbolizes freedom. The national motto, 'Libertad y Orden' is inscribed in between the Condor and the shield. The lower portion of the shield has picture of ships, signifying the maritime history of Colombia. While the middle part of the shield has an image of platinum field while the Phrygian cap is a traditional symbol of liberty and freedom. The topmost contains an ensign of pomegranate as a symbolic representation of the Viceroyalty of New Granada.


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