Places to Visit in Colombia

The different places of visit in Colombia offer the visitors a unique opportunity to gather wide ranging knowledge on the Latin American culture and the different historical events that redefined the integrity of the nation. To know more on this aspect, here's sharing with you interesting information on this aspect as

1. Bogota

This capital city of Colombia is situated at an altitude of 2600 meters surrounded by Cordillera on to the east. This historic city is home to many old forts and palaces built during the Spanish regime.

While walking down the streets of Bogota, you will come across many historical buildings with marvelous architecture and designs which make them look more attractive even after many decades of establishment.The white cathedrals scattered at different corners of the city are worth watching. Also the surrounding areas of La Candelaria is replete with old museums, colonial churches, libraries and theaters teeming with crowds amalgamated together in a cosmopolitan ambiance. Important historic attractions include--Plaza de Bolívar, Chapel of the Sagrarium, Cardinal's Palace and Liévano Building.


2. Cartagena

Regarded as one of the largest sea-ports of Colombia, the city of Cartagena was founded on 1533 by Pedro de Heredia. This place is inherited by an indigenous group of tribe known as Mocanáes. In the earlier times, Cartagena was the hub of many political activities and during the Spanish rule various forts were built to protect the city from foreign invasion particularly the French and English rulers. The ancient landmarks of this city bear testimony to the great historic events that took place at different times. Major tourist attractions include-- Plaza de la Aduana, Plaza de los Coches, Santo Domingo Church and not to miss the scenic beach of Bocagrande.


3. Santa Marta

This beach city of Santa Marta is located near the Caribbean coast, and is widely popular for its exotic beaches and world class hotels and dining outlets. Major attractions of this beautiful city lies in the fact that it is home to many wonderful coastlines surrounded by coconut trees and coral reefs. One of the prominent features of Santa Marta lies in the fact that there are many coral islands well scattered far and wide with the presence of comfortable beach resorts.


4. Cali

Widely known as the world capital of Salsa, it is also said to be the El Dorado of Colombia due to the presence of rich deposits of gold. The region hosts many popular cultural events where foreign tourists gather in large numbers.

Thus, there are innumerable places of visit in Colombia each having a distinct characteristics of its own.


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