Independence Day of Costa Rica

Independence Day of Costa Rica is celebrated on 15 th September which commemorates independence of the entire Central America from Spanish rule in 1821.

The news of the declaration of independence of Costa Rica had reached the people of the nation only a month later. Following the independence, the first constitution of the country was soon adopted. This further led to the celebration of the first elections held in December, 1821. The Independence Day of Costa Rica is declared an official national holiday in the country.

The first elected Chief of state of independent Costa Rica was Juan Mora Fernandez, who was in office from 1824 to 1833. He did much for the betterment of his country and people and also promoted industry and commerce.

The first absolutely free elections in Costa Rica were held on 7 November, 1889 which marked the beginning of a period of advancement towards a truly popular government.

The Independence Day of Costa Rica is celebrated with much fun and merriment. The national holiday is marked by hoisting of the National flag, patriotic parades and performances by students in the community. The National anthem is also sung on the Independence Day of Costa Rica.


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