Historical Places in Costa Rica

The various archeological and historical places of Costa Rica offer an interesting glimpse into the country's rich cultural heritage. While visiting the different historical monuments and museums in the country, one would be able to feel the past coming alive. The capital city San Jose is the best starting point for discovering the history of Costa Rica, since most of the museums are located here. Some of the best historical places of Costa Rica are -

•   Museo Nacional De Costa Rica
•   Museo de Arte Costarricense
•   Cartago City

Museo Nacional De Costa Rica
Museo Nacional or the national museum is one of the most important museums of Costa Rica located in the whitewashed Bellavista Fortress built in 1870. It was the site of fighting during the civil war of 1948 and the bullet holes on the turrets at the corners of the building bear testimony to that fact. Within the Spanish-style courtyard building, there are demonstrations of pre-Columbian artifacts, colonial furniture, and religious arts. There are also several Indian artifacts made of stone and clay, like pottery housed within the archaeological room. The national museum is one of the top historical places of Costa Rica.

Museo de Arte Costarricense
The Museo de Arte Costarricense is a must visit for all the art lovers. This museum is situated in the Sabana urban park, within a building that used to be an old international airport. The beautiful architectural building has some of the finest collections of paintings and sculptures on display.

Cartago City
Located 24 kilometers southeast of San Jose, Cartago City is replete with history and culture and was also the first capital of Costa Rica. The first Spanish settlement in Costa Rica was in Cartago City which was founded by Juan Vasquez de Coronado in the year 1563. The city has been continuously ravaged by earth quakes over many years.

In the city center, there is a public park winding through the ruins of a Romanesque cathedral that was obliterated by an earthquake in 1910. Now, the ruins are situated at the center of a neatly landscaped park in Cartago City which is one of the important historical places of Costa Rica.

The other significant historical places of Costa Rica are Guayabo National Monument, The ancient Atlantic Railroad Station, Museo del Oro Pre-Columbino (Gold Museum), and Dr. Maria Eugenia Bozzoli Museum among several others.


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