Ecuador's Heritage

Ecuador’s Heritage comprises its five major attractive sites that have been added in World Heritage List. Though they are few, but their attractiveness continues to draw the attention of the people from world over. Listed below are the heritage attractions of Ecuador-

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands consist of a group of nineteen volcanic islands, located about thousand kilometers away from the continent of South America, in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. Even today, they can be seen, with their continuous volcanic activity, which actually resulted in their formation. These islands are famous for their marine reserve, unique animal life and a huge variety of endemic species, which gave inspiration to Charles Darwin to write his famous work after his visit in 1835, centered on the origin of species and their natural selection.

The City of Quito
Established in the sixteenth century in the historic remains of the Inca city, this capital city of Ecuador is an outstanding example of the safe guarder of the heritage, inspite of being assaulted by a whopping 1917 attacks of earthquake. The city showcases primitive art through its attractions including the Jesuit College and Church of La Compania, Santo Domingo and San Francisco, famous for their beautiful interiors.

Cuenca, Ecuador
Cuenca was established in 1577, with its structure designed mainly on the principles of Charles V, a Spanish King. In spite of being renovated in the nineteenth century due to the economic boom, its architectural design and appearance still contain many similarities with the colonial designs of the eighteenth century. Situated in the Sierra Highlands, the city is known for its protected history, with even the buildings and cathedrals giving an ancient look. The city seems to be filled with immigrants and locals, who mainly occupy themselves in agriculture or work for many administrative centers lying in the city. Also, being the third largest city, it has earned the esteem of being included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Sanjay National Park
Its detachment from other landscapes has helped it in preserving its primitive landscapes including Andean and Tapir mountains. It has two volcanoes that are in an active condition. And all this contributes to making the place a wonderful reservoir of ecosystems, containing all the natural resources that make the country rich in natural beauty.

Charles Darwin Research Centre
Charles Darwin Research Centre provides the area for performing the research work, which includes various experiments that prove to be very useful in suggesting the ways to protect the species in danger. The center was established in 1959, to support the practices that help in safe guarding the natural resources of Galapagos National Park.


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