Historical Places of Ecuador

The historical places of Ecuador are defined through its culture, lifestyle and its tradition. Ecuador has many famous architectural landmarks which are of great interest to all visitors. The historical places of Ecuador give a view and idea of the people living at that time, standing tall and rich in its vivid historical background.

The most important historical places of Ecuador are:

•  Historical Park

•  Plaza de la Independencia

•  El Sagrario

•  Plaza de San Francisco

•  Las Penas

•  San Francisco Church and Plaza

Within the Entre Rios district lays the Historical Park, an eight-hectare natural mangrove habitat. It is enveloped by swamps, forests and various species of trees such as the ‘Platanillo', which grows naturally around the Daule River's tideland. The ecological park with the fresh waters of the Daule River and the tropical climate of the place helps bring back the past to life in its perfect breathtaking settings. Some of the animals in captivity here are the white tale deer, peccaries, small tigers, lazy bears, crocodiles and birds such as the parrots, parakeets and eagle harpy amongst others.

The Plaza de la Independencia is a real jewel sitting in the middle of the Andes. By just standing there one can reveal in the battles between the Spanish and the Indians who lived here long before the Spanish arrived. The Plaza is surrounded by some of the incredible buildings of the time, the Government Palace, the Cathedral, the Archbishops Palace called Palacio Arzobispal and the Municipal Palace. It's a good place to explore Ecuador and its surroundings.

Located next to the Cathedral is the El Sagrario, and one of the popular historical places of Ecuador, it was originally constructed for the cult of the Holy Sacrament. With its elaborate columns and interior doors which are impressively garnished with gold plating, it's a highly ornamented all the in Baroque style.

Plaza de San Francisco also known as the ‘Bolivar', houses the monastery and church of Santo Domingo. In the center stands the historical statue of Sucre symbolizing a victorious battle against the Royalists. It points to the landmark where he defeated them on the foothills of Pichincha and on the south side lies a colonial archway named the Arco del la Capilla del Rosario.

Las Penas in Guayaquil, Ecuador was first constructed in the 1500s as Guayaquil's first residential section. Devastatingly it was all destroyed in the fire of 1896 but was again latter rebuilt in a neo-classic style. One can have a wonderful stroll on the cobblestone among art galleries and restaurants and breathe in the atmosphere of the place.

San Francisco Church and Plaza is the oldest Church built in Quito between 1536 to 1580. Known as San Francisco de Quito it's a huge complex with over 8,670 acres of land. Located between Cucre and Bolivar Streets, in the Pre-Columbian times it was a huge Indian market. With a combination of architectural styles from Baroque on the interior to a Moorish ornamented ceiling in the narthex, one must not miss this place in his trip to Ecuador.


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