National Anthem of Ecuador

National Anthem of Ecuador

Spanish Lyrics

¡Salve, Oh Patria, mil veces! ¡Oh Patria,
gloria a ti! ¡Gloria a ti!
Ya tu pecho, tu pecho, rebosa
Gozo y paz ya tu pecho rebosa;
Y tu frente, tu frente radiosa
Más que el sol contemplamos lucir,
Y tu frente, tu frente radiosa
Más que el sol contemplamos lucir.

2da Estrofa
Los primeros los hijos del suelo
Que soberbio, el Pichincha decora
Te aclamaron por siempre señora
Y vertieron su sangre por ti.
Dios miró y aceptó el holocausto
Y esa sangre fue germen fecundo
De otros héroes que atónito el mundo
Vió en tu torno a millares surgir.
a millares surgir,
a millares surgir.

English Translation

O homeland, we greet you a thousand times!
Glory be to you, O homeland, glory be to you!
Your breast overflows with joy and peace,
And we see your radiant face shining
More brightly than the sun.

2nd Verse
The worthy sons of the soil
Which Pichincha on high is adorning,
Always acclaimed you as sovereign lady
And shed their blood for you.
God observed and accepted the sacrifice,
And that blood was the prolific seed
Of other heroes whom the world in astonishment saw
Arising in thousands around you.

"Salve, Oh Patria" or "We Salute You, Our Homeland" in English is the national anthem of Ecuador, adopted on 1886. The lyrics was written in 1865 by the famous poet, scholar and journalist Juan León Mera, who latter served as president of the Ecuadorian senate. The national anthem of Ecuador urges the people to stand for their motherland and live in peace and harmony.

History and Background--

The Ecuadorian national anthem is another example of a "Latin American epic anthem". The anthem was composed by Antonio Neumane on the request of Juan León Mera and the same was officially adopted by the Congress on September 29, 1948.

The National Anthem of Ecuador is of a marchlike rhythm and is written in the grandiloquent style one is apt to associate with romantic piano sonatas. The tune is full of dash and ardor. There's no doubt about the German background of Antonio Neumane, the composer.

The national anthem of Ecuador consists of a chorus and six verses out of which only the second verse and the chorus are sung. But in formal occasion the whole national anthem is sung.

The Ecuador's national anthem is honored by all the citizens and due respect shown, especially while performing the national anthem.


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