National Heroes of Ecuador

A national hero of a country is one who makes his nation proud by his deeds. It may be in the fields of politics, sports, literature or even music. The national heroes of Ecuador are also respected for all their selfless sacrifice and dedication towards the freedom of the country and also taking Ecuador to great heights in every other field.

Some of the important national heroes of Ecuador are:


Vicente Rocafuerte

Gabriel García Moreno

Simon Bolivar

Atahualpa or Atawallpa born in 1502 was the 13th and last sovereign emperor of the Tahuantinsuyo or the Inca Empire. After defeating his younger half-brother Huáscar in a civil war sparked by the death of their father he became the next emperor. Atahualpa inspired much of the independence movement through his political writings. He died in prison for his political activities and though he did not live to take part in the War of Independence, he was an important figure in its philosophical development.

Vicente Rocafuerte an influential figure in Ecuadorian politics was born on 1783. He was the President of Ecuador who committed himself to freeing his land, first from the Spanish rule, and later from the Republic of Gran Colombia. Remembered for his significant contributions to the development of the republic he was elected as the member of the National Congress for Pichincha Province. Rocafuerte during his presidency gave greater protection to the Native Americans in Ecuador through the new constitution that he passed in 1835.

Gabriel García Moreno, another Ecuadorian statesman served as the President of his country for two times. Born on 24 th December, 1821 he was the first to achieve national consolidation. Noted for his conservatism, Catholic religious perspective, and rivalry with liberal strongman Eloy Alfaro, Moreno also contributed to the literary development of the nation. Under his guidance Ecuador became the leader in the fields of science and upper education within Latin America. He also founded the Conservative Party in 1869. Even after his death in 6 th August, 1875, he is still remembered as a great patriot and educator and a friend of the Church.

This Caracas-born Simon Bolivar national hero of at least four other countries, the Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia – named after him, is also one of the very famous National Heroes of Ecuador. Well-known as “The George Washington of South America” and “The Liberator” he was the leader head in wars of independence that ousted Spain from much of South America. Bolivar was headed into exile and there he died in the year 1830.


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