National Symbols of Ecuador

The national symbols of Ecuador truly embody the nationalistic fervor of the country and its rich glorious history. The varied bio-diversities have influenced the lifestyle of the people living there since ages and thus occupy a formidable position in the national ensign's of the country. An analysis of the background of the national symbols of Ecuador provides with interesting details into the historical facts of the nation.

Here's sharing with you information on national symbols of Ecuador----

1. Coat of Arms of Ecuador ----

The present day coat of arms of Ecuador was established in 1900 after approval by the Congress on 31st October in the same year. The shield has the picture of the volcano Chimborazo, with the river flowing along which represents the rivers originating from the Guayas. This natural splendor symbolizes the rich natural diversity of the region. The ship shown floating on the river is named Guayas and depicts the large steam ship which was built in the year 1841. On top of the sun are the astrological signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer representing the consecutive months from March to July as well as the famous March Revolution of 1845. The Condor represents power, greatness and vitality of Ecuador. Furthermore, the shield has four flags of Ecuador. The laurel figured on the left stands for the glory of the republic, while the palm leaf towards the right symbolizes peace of the country. Fasces beneath the iron shield stand for the dignity of the Republican government.

2. National Flag of Ecuador---

The national flag of Ecuador bears striking similarity to Colombia and Venezuela as they were inspired from the flag of Gran Colombia. It's important to note that the flag of Ecuador consists of three colors as yellow blue and red and was officially adopted on September 26, 1860. The symbol of coat of arms was added in the year 1900. Though at different times varied theories have been woven around the significance of the colors, present in the Ecuadorian national flag, yet in the recent times each color symbolizes a significant aspect. Accordingly, yellow stands for wealth generating from agricultural output and natural resources; blue symbolizes the ocean and the azure sky of the land, while the red represents the blood shed by the freedom fighters of the country.

3. National Anthem of Ecuador---

The national anthem of Ecuador has a marching rhythm attached to it and is composed in a pompous style. Some believe that German influence is pre dominant here with tinges of intense patriotic ardor present in it. The lyrics of this national song were written by Juan Leon Mera, who later became the President of the Senate of Ecuador, however the music was composed by Antonio Neumane who was originally believed to German by descent.

Thus, the national symbols of Ecuador well reflect the chauvinistic pride of the country and its history.


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