Places to Visit in Ecuador

Ecuador is the fourth-smallest country in South America. It is located on the west coast of the continent crossed by the equator. There are a lot of attractive places to visit in Ecuador for tourists from within and outside the country. The places to visit in Ecuador keep one spellbound.


•  Plaza de la Independencia

•  El Sagrario

•  San Francisco Church and Plaza

•  El Panecillo



•  Calderon Park

•  Del Carmen Plazoleta

•  San Sabastian Plazoleta


Galapagos Islands

•  The Amazon

•  Salto de San Rafael

•  Cuyabeno Reserve

•  Monkey Island


The Plaza de la Independencia in the middle of the Andes is a real jewel of a place. The famous battle between the Spanish and the Indians were fought here. Surrounded by four incredible buildings comprising of the Government Palace, the Municipal Palace, the Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace, is a must-visit place in Ecuador.

El Sagrario, located next to the Cathedral, was originally constructed for the cult of the Holy Sacrament. This highly ornamented, Baroque style structure is a famous tourist place of Ecuador.

With over 8,670 acres San Francisco Church and Plaza is the oldest Church in Quito, built between 1536-1580. Renowned for its architectural styles from Baroque on the interior to a Moorish ornamented ceiling, tourists must not miss this place while on a trip to Ecuador.

El Panecillo displays the “Virgin of Quito”, constructed of over 7,000 pieces of aluminum.


Two hours north of Quito on the Panamerican highway the Otavalo area is a small town of about 50,000 inhabitants and home to the famous Otavalo Indians. One of the popular places to visit in Ecuador, the many lakes in the province provides lovely boat cruises in the midst of its unspoiled natural settings.


The capital of the province of Azuay and located in the Andes region of Ecuador, it's the city of arts in all forms. Its skilled writers, artists and artisans as well as its architectural beauty surrounded by four rivers give a majestic layout of this city making it an ideal tourist destination.

The Calderon Park is the perfect place to take a stroll and enjoy the daily life of the city with its lively music and art.

Del Carmen Plazoleta , traditionally known as the flower market, is well-known for the Monastery of Carmen church, where the baroque doorway, detailed in rock, stands out.

San Sabastian Plazoleta surrounded by the beautiful colonial and post-colonial architecture, this place is a feast to the tourist's eye.


One of the popular places to visit in Ecuador, tourists flock here for the famous hot springs, the scenery and the accessibility to the jungle via Puyo and Misahuallí. Tungurahua known as ‘The Black Giant', the largest volcano in Ecuador also pulls spectators and adventurers in large number. Brave hearts can take a climb on this mountain, which is though a volcanic hill but is still quite an easy climb.

Galapagos Islands

Known as the living museum of evolutionary changes, this Archipelago with its free and fearless animals is very different from any others found elsewhere in the world. It makes visitors wonder about their very existence on our planet like that of the giant ‘Galapagos' tortoises that gave the islands its name. Besides variety of birds and marine mammals such as sea lions, dolphins and whales are also found. The islands are also proud holders of distinctive plants like mangroves and endemic cacti. One must not forget to take a cruise through this enchanting Galapagos Islands.

The Amazon

The highest waterfall in Ecuador, the San Rafael Falls is located in Salto de San Rafael. Bird watching here is as impressive as the mighty falls themselves. A discerning eye can always spot the brilliant and rare bird, Andean cock-of-the-rock.

The Cuyabeno Reserve of flooded forests and incredible biological diversity is an important tourist destination.

Monkey Island, as the name suggests is most common for its howling inhabitants the monkeys. One cannot miss these monkeys, as their noisy howls can be heard even a kilometer away.

Some other important places of visit in Ecuador are:

•  Hatun Sacha Biological Station

•  ‘Amazonico' Animal Rescue Centre

•  The Huaorani Reserve

•  Yasuni National Park


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